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This Is How Your Teeth Can Last A Lifetime

Many patients ask if it is really possible to keep their original set of teeth for a lifetime.

The teeth fall prey to the forces of time and daily life, just as other aspects of our bodies do.

Nevertheless, it is absolutely possible to keep your teeth for a lifetime.

As we grow old, enamel becomes worn, teeth get chipped, and gums recede, changing a smile’s appearance and health.

I think that given the past of dentistry, we tend to think that losing teeth is just part of growing old. But dentistry has long since come to the rescue where tooth loss is not evitable.

Though there are always cosmetic and restorative options for smiles that have lost some of their luster, it’s simpler and time-saving to just keep your smile healthy in the first place.

Clean teeth correlate to healthy teeth and you have to make sure you are diligent about your six monthly appointments.

Dentists in Delhi are proactive about educating patients about the value of natural teeth.

Taking proper care of your teeth today will help you preserve your smile and will result in a future smile that is younger, healthier, and more complete.

Practice preventive dental care to see stronger pearly whites. Preventive dental care is the act of working to stop problems before they even arise.

Dentists in India are following preventive treatments like fluoride applications and pit and fissure sealants in children as a step towards maintaining the health and integrity of the teeth.

Although there are some conditions and diseases that can facilitate tooth loss, the technology today gives people more control to help keep their original teeth until they get old.

Along with regular dental visits, the most common suggestion to have a healthy set of teeth for a lifetime is to brush and floss them.

There really is no secret to such a lifetime of dental success. If you scrupulously brush your teeth at least twice every day, and floss before going to bed, you have an excellent chance of keeping your teeth for life.

With age, you will face some gum recession. But it does not have to threaten the integrity of your teeth and their roots. Some tooth sensitivity may be present, but specialized antisensitivity toothpastes can minimize this problem.

So, plan on having your teeth for life to see your natural smile last through the years.

Health is the biggest wealth. The mouth/oral cavity is literally the gateway to the health.

The mouth has the teeth which are like a building and the foundation of the teeth are the gums and the underlying bone.

If you visit your dentist at least every six months, your likelihood of preserving every tooth increases even further.

Most teeth and mouth problems are triggered or caused by plaque, a slimy layer of bacteria, food particles and other organic matter that forms on the surface of the teeth.

The bacteria found in plaque are responsible for producing acids that cause cavities to form.

It has been found that the bacteria from the gums goes through the blood and causes diseases in the various organs in the body like the heart etc.

Plaque is also responsible for periodontal disease, an infection that can damage the tissues and erode the bone surrounding the teeth.

Dental clinics in Delhi make it a point to educate patients about that dental problems are very silent and won’t get any symptom until the damage has reached the deeper layer of a tooth.

It is very important to keep up with your six monthly appointments so that the mouth along with the teeth and gums remain healthy and clean.

The best way to remove plaque and destroy its chances of building up is through brushing and flossing. Earlier there used to be a time, when people only came to the dentist when something was really, really wrong.

Nowadays, making a visit to your dentist for professional cleaning is really needed so that the plaque won’t have the chance to accumulate and harden.

Reputed dental clinics like ‘Smile Delhi-The Dental Clinic’ follow a regime of giving six monthly reminders to their patients for a cleaning and checkup.

However, as people get older, they tend to disregard the proper way of brushing and just brush their teeth sloppily.

Don’t think that simply brushing your teeth all round and making bubbles is enough to get rid of the plaque and other food debris.

You may just be wasting your time, effort and toothpaste if you don’t practice the proper technique of brushing your teeth. Visit your dentist so that they can show you the proper way to do it.

Our mission is to ensure that you keep the teeth that you have, for the rest of your life by keeping their gums healthy and all teeth cavity-free.

For old patients who have already lost some teeth, we want to keep the ones you do with stable underlying bone supporting them.

Following these preventive measures should help prevent you from having to wear dentures in your old age and keeping your teeth healthy for a lifetime.

1) Get your cavities filled as soon as we find them. Most grow rapidly, so, the longer you wait, the more tooth structure you lose.

2) Stay on top of your cleanings and appointments (whether that’s every three months, or every six months). Most patients should see their dentist every six months (those with recurring gum disease will need to visit more often).

Don’t put off with your appointment out of hesitation or fear. Maintain regular appointments to give your mouth a chance. Longer wait times mean more bacteria and more damage.

3) Engage in consistent oral hygiene. You need to brush your teeth at least twice a day. Perhaps the most important time to brush your teeth is just before you go to sleep because during sleep, the production of saliva decreases, making the teeth more vulnerable to the attack of bacterial acids.

When brushing your teeth, make sure not to make the strokes too harsh because it will also cause the gums to recede or bleed.

Don’t rush when you are brushing your teeth. Stick to your hygiene regimen to remove food particles and bacteria from your teeth before they can cause cavities or gum inflammation.

Every time you eat or snack during the day, rinse your mouth with water. One should also clean one’s tongue while brushing as the tongue houses a lot of bacteria.

Eating sugar free chewing gum also helps in keeping your mouth cavity free as it neutralizes the acidic pH to basic and prevents the growth of bacteria. Also chewing gum can stimulate more salivary secretion thus it washes away the food.

4) Protect your teeth. This means protection during any instance that could cause tooth damage. You may need to wear a sports guard to keep teeth safe during physical activity, or a night guard to save them from the effects of grinding.

5) Listen to your body, pay attention to what your teeth are telling you. If something seems off, it’s time to schedule a visit to your dentist.

If you follow each of these guidelines, you will see healthier teeth and a long-lasting smile.

These aren’t the only things you should do for your teeth, but they are the cornerstones of preventive care.

By taking a comprehensive, full-spectrum approach to your oral hygiene and dental health, we can work together to keep your teeth healthy and smiling for many years to come!

Posted by- Dr Shriya