Dental Tourism in India

Discover India, Discover a Healthy Smile!

Smile Delhi – The Dental Clinic, offers dental tourism to travelers from all around the world. The cost of dental treatment in Europe, North America and Oceania can be exorbitant. However, we at Smile Delhi can provide quality treatment that is also economical. While we ensure you quality treatment in the comfort of our clinic, you can go ahead and explore our beautiful country!

Our dental Tourists hail from countries where the dental care is either very expensive or from countries that lack infrastructure and medical facilities.

The Advantage of Asian Currency for Dental Tourism in Delhi

World Class Dental Treatment at a Much Lower Cost than Your Home Country

Our dental equipment is imported from the USA and Europe, therefore assuring you of high-quality dental treatment. Our treatments are also available at a fraction of the cost you would pay in your home country.

For Example:

  • A simple white filling, which may cost you approximately 400 Euros in Europe, can be done for around 30 Euros at our clinic.
  • A root canal treatment, which costs approximately US$3000 in Europe or America, will cost you just US $ 90-100 at our clinic.

Time Estimates for Some Basic Dental Treatments are

For Implants – With the latest technique one visit for 1 week is required. With the conventional technique, 2 visits are generally required. In the 1st visit, the patient needs to be here for 3-4 days and for the 2nd visit, the patient needs to be in Delhi for a week. The two visits are scheduled at a gap of 3-6 months(depending on which area of the mouth are the implants placed).

For Teeth Whitening – you can get ZOOM! Whitening treatment which requires only 1-2 hours in our clinic. Alternatively, we can prepare customized bleaching trays with bleaching gel which needs to be worn overnight for 7-9 nights for optimal results

For Crown and Bridge Work – 4 days; day 1 is impression and day 4 is delivery.

For Ceramic Veneers – 4 days; day 1 is impression and day 4 is delivery. A Composite veneer for a single tooth can be done in half an hour.

For Root Canal Treatment – 97 percent of the cases are done in one visit of 45 minutes to an hour. In the remaining 3 percent of cases, two visits of 30 minutes each.

For a White Filling – 20 minutes on the spot treatment.

How Do You Include Dental Care in Your Itinerary?

We can be reached through email or phone. Based on your dental issue, we can create a treatment plan just for you. This plan will include the cost of treatment and the schedule for your holistic dental experience with us. Your appointments will be inclusive of your travel plans. So if you wish to sport a healthy smile while you tour our beautiful country, we are just an email or phone call away! Please feel free to contact us.