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A dental implant is basically a titanium screw, which is placed in the jaw bone to replace the root of a missing tooth. The process of performing a tooth implant is quite technique sensitive and should be done by only highly qualified and experienced dental implant specialists in India. We consider an implant the best replacement for a missing tooth because:

  • It is the most conservative replacement for a missing tooth, as the adjacent teeth are not touched, unlike in a bridge.
  • It is the only replacement for a missing tooth which stabilizes the underlying bone.
  • It is as good as a natural tooth in terms of efficiency of chewing, looks and ease in speech.
  • If maintained by the patient, the implant can last a lifetime.

Advantages of Dental Implants


Dental Implants integrate beautifully in the jaw bone and stabilise it, so no bone loss occurs. Also, the gum adapts well with the implant and there is no recession. Consequently, a dental implant looks like a natural tooth.

Tooth Saving/Conservative

Since the adjacent teeth are not touched or altered in any way, implants help maintain the integrity of the other natural teeth in the mouth. The implant takes no support from the adjacent natural teeth, only from the underlying bone.


A bright smile always leaves a great impression, whereas distorted or broken teeth may reduce your confidence . The dental implants look so natural that they are hardly distinguishable from real teeth. They instill confidence allowing you to eat, talk, and speak fluently. The implants are secured well within the jaw and do not wobble.


The success rate of dental implants in Delhi has always been high. Therefore (if the main factors are compatible) they are the first line of treatment for missing teeth.

Should you Go for a Dental Implant Treatment?

The main criteria for selecting a patient for dental implant treatment is good oral and general health. However compromised bone and gum conditions can be treated befirehand to get an implant. Age is not a factor if you wish to have a dental implant. Candidates who do not smoke, or have diabetes, or a weak immune system can have dental implants, as the procedure depends on healing, so that you get your smile in the most natural way possible. Some surgeons prefer not to use dental implants on children because their jawbones are not fully developed. Also, if you suffer from teeth grinding, you should usually stay away from dental implants. Dentists also recommend using dental implants for deeply infected or broken teeth instead of a bridge, where two healthy teeth are sacrificed for a bad one.

Looking for Dental Implants in India?

Delhi has become a hub for Dental implants for Indian and International patients due to the quality of service and cost-effectiveness. Smile Delhi – The Dental Clinic have the best dental implant specialists in India. Contact us to find out more.

Why Dental Implants from 'Smile Delhi - The Dental Clinic?'

In dental implant treatment, two factors are very important – The expertise and the implants used.
The Expertise Dr. Arjun Dhiman is our Implant specialist. He graduated from Govt. dental college PGIMS, Rohtak, Haryana and did his masters from All India Institute of Dental Science (AIIMS), New Delhi. His all India rank in AIIMS was No.1. His thesis topic was addressing his favorite area of interest ‘Immediate Implants.’ He was awarded the best paper presentation award on ‘Implants.’

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Immediate Implants

An immediate dental implant is placed within the tooth socket as soon as the tooth is extracted.

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Teeth In An Hour By Nobel Guide


‘Teeth in an hour’ is a revolutionary concept for providing teeth to completely toothless patients. In one appointment, these patients go from having no teeth, to a full set of functional teeth on dental implants. We all know, the biting capacity, look and feel of fixed teeth are far better than removable dentures.

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All On Four Implants

All on 4 Implants makes it possible to replace a full set of teeth with a simple, effective and reliable solution. This technique is recommended for people who have either no teeth, or have failing teeth (and perhaps currently wear dentures).

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Ceramic Implants

Ceramic Dental Implants, also known as Zirconia Dental Implants are the latest addition to dental implant therapy.

Zirconia (Ceramic) is a very hard material that has great strength. Because of its high bio-compatibility, it has been used in medical (auditory, finger and hip prostheses) as well as dentistry (posts, crown and bridge restorations, implants, implant abutments) over 20 years with good success.

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Here is what some of our patients had to say, about their experience, regarding the Dental Implants they got done in Smile Delhi.

Robert Abbey, Australia
“In the measure of being an ex patient of Dr. Suprriya Bhatia, I have no hesitation in recommending her dental clinic for implant work or any other dental procedure. Not only is the clinic maintained to the highest of medical standards, but the very personal service afforded to each and every patient in the form of daily telephone contact, makes going to Suprriya’s dental surgery a considerably agreeable experience. I would also state categorically that the work of team colleague, Dr. Gupta and his assistant, in the domain of implants, does not fall short of excellent, and once again, I can sincerely recommend his most professional and easy approach to the job in hand. I would strongly counsel any would be patient to read my longer letter of recommendation which provides much more detail and description about my whole experience in the hands of Dr. Bhatia and her team.”
Lawrence Moon, London
“Smile, I even laughed when they screwed the posts in ! Very professional. All the best”
V. K. Gauba, New Delhi
“My family and i, have been patients of Dr Suprriya for almost 10 years. We have been satisfied with the services provided by her and her team of experts. I was given a set of upper and lower dentures about 2 and a half years back. They were light and well fitting. I tried my best but could not get used to these dentures. The foreign body feeling was too much. Plus there wasn’t any fun in chewing food as the biting power of removable dentures was very less compared to natural teeth. I finally gave up on my dentures and requested Dr. Suprriya for an alternative solution. She said we could do implants. In fact i was lucky , because now they had started a new system of doing implants(in addition to the conventional one). This new system was called the,’intra oral welding method’. 6 German implants were put in my upper jaw on day 1. On day 2, the intra oral welding procedure was done and then 12 fixed teeth were put on these implants. So in 2 days i went from no teeth in my upper jaw to a full compliment of fixed teeth. After a week, I got 6 implants put in my lower jaw ie on day 8. On day 9, the intra oral welding of the lower implants was done followed by the fixed teeth placement. I felt very good about myself and younger and healthier with these fixed teeth in my mouth. Psychologically i was completely upbeat. For 3 months i had to eat soft food. After 3 months i was eating everything including nuts and dry fruits. These felt as good as my natural teeth in terms of look, speech and chewing power. Not only have i been enjoying eating, but my whole health has improved due to proper chewing of food. The big advantage of this method is that there is no waiting period between the implant phase and the fixed teeth phase. I would recommend this to anyone considering implants. There are very few dentists doing this advanced method of treatment in India. However, you can go to Smile Delhi and rest assured that you will experience their mission in action ie. they are ‘adding value to health by providing beautiful healthy smiles through highest quality dentistry with personalised care’. The surgeon was an expert and i hardly had to take any painkillers during this procedure.”
Rani Saund, UK
“Thank you very much Dr. Suprriya for wonderful treatment for implants+bridge+giving me my Smile back. This has made me feel very positive about myself. I will recommend your place to my friends + family anytime. Had very professional+ excellent experience.”

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Dental Implants?

Dental implants are metal post made of titanium. They are inserted into the jawbone to replace the root portion of the missing teeth over which crowns are placed. They are permanent replacements for missing teeth that look and function like natural teeth. These are as closest to natural teeth as can be.

What is the Success Rate of Dental Implants?

The implants which are made by high-quality bio-compatible materials and installed by qualified dentists have a success rate of 95%. Only 5% of dental implant patients have entirely unsuccessful dental implants experience.The long-term success of your dental implants also depends upon several factors like the overall health of your mouth, medications you take and regular dental checkups.

What are Implants Supported Dentures?/How do Dental Implants help if I Have full Dentures?

Implant supported denture is an option for replacement of teeth when all your teeth are missing. Dental implants are placed within your jawbone that holds snap-in dentures in place. Generally, two to four implants are used in each jaw, although depending on your need and budget, up to 8 implants can be placed. The conventional dentures have a disadvantage that they slip out of place when one eats or talks. The snap-in dentures are more stable, which improves one’s chewing ability, preserves the underline bones and are very comfortable.

Who is a Good Candidate for Dental Implants?

You can consult your dentist to check whether you are a good candidate for dental implants. The dentist will evaluate you clinically and may want to make some x-rays of your teeth and jaws. Dental implants are a good option for you if you have lost one, several or even all of your teeth. In general, you must be in a good health and maintain good oral hygiene. Chronic illnesses such as uncontrolled diabetes or leukaemias, may interfere with healing after surgery. Patients with these issues may not be good candidates for implants.

Why Should You Consider Implants/Why Are Dental Implants Considered as the Best Replacement for Missing Teeth?

Of all the tooth replacement options available, the Dental implants are designed to look, feel, and function like your natural teeth. They have a chewing capacity of 95% of the natural teeth. Your speech is as normal as with natural teeth. It is the only replacement where the integrity of the natural bone is preserved, hence there is no bone loss. Unlike bridge which depends upon the adjacent teeth for its strength, implant is an individual identity and does not depend on adjacent teeth for its success.

What are the Investigations Needed for Implants?

The initial clinical consultation with the patient is important. Then the dentist requires a Panoramic View (Digital x-ray) of the mouth to see the condition of the bone and teeth. Also a CBCT full mouth scan is required to see the soft tissues and bone density around the area where implant is to be placed.

Why is ‘Smile Delhi- The Dental Clinic’ a Good Choice for Dental Implant Treatment in Delhi?

The success of the implant treatment depends on the expertise of the dentist, material/implants used and the sterilization. We can vouch for all of them. Our Implant specialist is the topper from All India Institute of Medical Science (AIIMS) and has specialised comprehensive training in the Nobel Biocare and Ossteum implant systems. We use only globally standardized implant systems. We conform to global standards of sterilization. Thus our success rate is 98%. For the last 24 years we have been catering to patients from across the globe, 70 countries to be precise.

Is Bone Graft Mandatory before Implants?

A bone graft is not always required when placing implants. In some cases when the bone is insufficient, especially in the upper jaw below the sinus area, if bone is deficient then bio-compatible bone graft material is placed before the placement of the implants.

How do I Take Care of my Dental Implants?

Dental implants are the closest to natural teeth. They do not require any special care or treatment. Simple brushing, flossing twice a day and rinsing your mouth whenever you eat something will do the job. You must be committed to your regular dental visits where the dentist can examine your implant with an x-ray annually.

I Am an Inbound Patient, What Is The Time Frame for the Implant Procedure?

Dental implant is a two phase procedure. In the first phase implants are inserted in the jawbone. The second phase is usually done after 3-6 months (depending on which part of the mouth the implant is placed) and in this phase the crowns are placed on the implants. For each phase you need to be in Delhi for 4 to 5 days. For our inbound patients, in phase 1 we place the implants.For phase 2(when we fixed the crown) we give a window of anytime between 6-12 months to the patient.

How Long Does the Procedure Take?

The procedure itself takes anytime between 45 minutes to 1 hour, depending upon the number of implants to be placed. The healing time for the implant is 3 to 6 months (depending on which part of the mouth the implants is placed). During this time the implant heals and fuses with the surrounding bone. Then it is ready to have the crown fixed on it. This crown procedure takes around a week.

What All Will I Be Able to Eat After Getting The Implants?

One can enjoy all kind of foods with implants the same way as with natural teeth because the biting pressure of the implants is 95% same as your natural teeth. There is no restriction for any kind of food with dental implants.

Can any Dentist Provide my Dental Implant?

The dental implant is surgically placed in your jawbone where they serve as the roots of missing teeth. Only specialists who have undergone training and certifications in implant dentistry can place implants. The long term success of the implant also depends on the type of implant, sterilization and expertise of the dentist.