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Do You Know Teeth Are Like Dormant Volcanos

If your dentist alerts you to a cavity, you need to deal with it as soon as possible. Because once cavities are present in your mouth, until treated they continue to grow.

Everybody’s mouth contains large amounts of bacteria. This is unavoidable.

After you eat, the bacteria feed on leftover particles of food that gets trapped in your mouth if they remain in contact with teeth for extended periods of time. This can be due to improper brushing or the nature of food like sticky or sweet.

They repay you by producing an acid that gradually eats away at the tough outer layer of tooth enamel that protects your teeth.

The outer/top layer of the tooth begins to discolour gradually depending on how much it has dissolved or weakened from light yellow,dark yellow, light brown, dark brown-grey and finally jet black.

If not treated at this stage that portion of the tooth will chip away and become what we call a ‘ cavity .’

Once a person realizes that they have a cavity, either from pain in their mouth or from learning it from a dentist, they might not be sure if they want to have it taken care of right away.

When this happens it is important to make sure you get any cavities repaired as quickly as possible to prevent the decay from progressing any further so you preserve as much of your natural tooth as possible.

Tooth decay can become very serious and dangerous for your oral health if not treated right away.

If addressed in the early stages, you can receive conservative treatment in the form of a dental filling to fill the tooth and build up its strength so acids and bacteria won’t continue to eat away at the inner parts of the tooth.

The longer the wait, the more time the cavity has to get worse. Those who want to put off the procedure to save money or pain are not doing themselves a favor in the long run.

Untreated cavities eventually can grow to the point where they eat through the entire outer layer of the tooth.

Having a cavity filled is a fairly simple and inexpensive procedure. Dental filling is a time-tested and effective way to keep tooth decay from doing further damage.

Otherwise, the decay wouldn’t go away; it would continue to spread deeper inside the tooth.

When it reaches the innermost nerve tissue of the tooth, it would begin to cause real discomfort, or even intense tooth pain. The next step is to get a root canal to solve the issue.

The infection could spread even further, and might result in the loss of a tooth.

Also, those who don’t take care of their cavities run the risk of allowing the cavities to spread to other teeth.

Again, this leads to more pain and more money spent in the future in order to take care of the problem that could have been solved right away.

Putting off your regular checkup and cleaning appointments may not feel like a big deal, but it can result in an emergency trip to the dentist down the line.

Many times, a cavity can appear or grow without someone experiencing any symptoms at all. In other words, it can be sitting in your mouth and getting worse without you even knowing it.

The fastest way to identify and treat cavities is to make an appointment with your dentist.

Isn’t it better to stop decay as soon as it is pointed out by your dentist with a simple procedure?

Cavity fillings will instantly restore the function of the damaged teeth. Fillings enable you to a keep a tooth that otherwise might have been destroyed by tooth decay.

There is simply no reason to risk this possibly deadly infection when it so easy to get cavity fillings.

Instead of dreading the procedure, see this as an opportunity to speak with your dentist about what steps you can take to improve your oral health.

Always remember that regular checkups enable your dentist to prevent many problems before they can develop.

You have to eat, and you can’t prevent bacteria and foods from interacting, so the only real way to protect your teeth is to brush or rinse your mouth after meals.

Doing that helps deprive those harmful bacteria of the food they need to keep multiplying. If you do this, the leftover food and acids can be eliminated quicker, giving them less time to eat away at your teeth.

A dental cleaning will help control those bacteria, while a checkup can find any hidden cavities lurking in your teeth.

Dental health is surprising closely linked to the health of the rest of the body. Always remember that a healthy mouth is a signal of a healthy person.

It is never a good idea to keep bacteria in the mouth, so don’t wait too long, get a cavity taken care of right away.

Don’t wait until there is serious pain to have a tooth dealt with, just see a dentist right away and keep the mouth healthy.

Posted by- Dr Shriya