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Case Study

Our Case Study Of The Week

Patient name: Mrs. Zarghoona Shalamkhel (Afghanistan)

Age: 59 yrs / F

Chief Complaint: Mrs. Zarghoona presented with missing back teeth in the right and left region. Because of this she was not able to eat or chew food well, which had led to her health being affected adversely. She also had multiple  broken and damaged teeth in the front. Thus she was embarrassed to smile because of black and brown discolored broken teeth in the front. This was causing her to have less self esteem.

Consultation and Examination: On the first day, we had a comprehensive consultation, where we took the patient’s medical and dental history, asked her expectations from the treatment, and did a thorough checkup of her teeth and gums.

Our Case Study Of The Week

We advised her to get an OPG Xray, which would help us to assess the condition of all the teeth and underlying bone condition and a sectional CBCT Scan for the lower right side of the jaw where all the molars were missing.

  • Teeth Present: 11 ( upper right central incisor), 12 (upper right lateral incisor), 13 (upper right canine), 17 (upper right second molar), 21 ( upper left central incisor), 22 (upper left lateral incisor), 24 ( upper right first premolar), 26 (upper right first molar), 31 (lower left central incisor), 32 (lower left lateral incisor), 33 (lower left canine), 34 (lower left  first premolar), 37 (lower left second molar), 41 (lower left central incisor), 42 (lower right lateral incisor), 43 (lower right canine), 44 (lower right first premolar)
  • Decayed Teeth: 13 (upper right canine), 24 (upper left first premolar), 34 (lower left first premolar), 44 (lower right first premolar)
  • Missing Teeth: 14 (upper right first premoar), 15 (upper right second premolar), 16 (upper right first molar), 23 (upper left canine), 25 (upper left second premolar), 35 (lower left second premolar), 36 (lower left first molar), 45 (lower right second premolar), 46 (lower right first molar)

We Decided to do the Treatment in Two Phases

Phase 1: Root canals of all the broken and decayed teeth; fillings of some teeth which were decayed but no nerve exposures were done, followed by a combination of all ceramic zirconia crowns and bridges.

All the fillings and root canals were completed in two sittings over two days.

Then the crown cutting and impressions for all the crowns were done; the bite registration through a face bow transfer was recorded. All this was done on day 1 and the crowns delivered on day 5. Follow ups were done on day 6.

Phase 2: Implants in 45, 46 followed by all ceramic zirconia crowns.

Two nobel active implants were placed on day 6 and the crowns were placed on them after 3 months.






Single sitting root canal treatments for all the teeth present were done by the root canal specialist. This was followed by post and core in teeth which had less strength due to too much compromise on the tooth material.

With the help of crown and bridges we were able to establish full function on the upper right and left and lower left sides of the mouth in just a week.

There were no adjacent strong teeth in the molar region of the lower right side to support a bridge, so we planned to put implants.

One of the best implant specialist in Delhi, who we are lucky to have as part of our specialists’ team at Smile Delhi, placed two Swedish implants (Nobel Active) in the lower right back part of the jaw; in place of the missing first and second molar.

Now Mrs Zarghoona is not only able to chew and enjoy eating, she can also smile confidently and flaunt her smile. She says Smile Delhi – The Dental Clinic is the best dental clinic in Delhi. Our team at Smile Delhi which has one of the best implant specialist in Delhi, cosmetic dentist in Delhi and root canal specialist in Delhi is very happy that we have added value not just to the patient’s oral health but also to her entire body’s health and self esteem.


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Posted by: Dr Hema