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Metal Free Dentistry

With the improving awareness of patients regarding oral health-related quality of life, the advancements in dentistry for dental materials have diversified.

There is no progress in dentistry without the development of dental materials and technologies. From the distant past through to the present day, dentistry has been continuously invigorated by the development of both dental technologies and materials.

Over the past 20 years, the trend in dentistry has been in search of metal-free alternatives to replace many of the traditional metal restorative materials that have been used for a long time.

Elimination of metal will eliminate the compromising effect of employing a dark, opaque substructure that does not exist in natural dentition.

The initial primary goal was to improve aesthetic value of the restorations we place.

As materials evolved, the aesthetic value was achieved, and even more importantly was all the other major benefits that metal-free restorations overcame that the traditional metal and metal-supported options did not offer.

These benefits include conservation of tooth structure, wear compatibility, strength and durability and bondability.

Nowadays, dentists in India are using metal free restorations so that patients can enjoy restorations that match the color of their natural tooth enamel with added strength and durability.

20 years ago, patients often had to live with metal in their mouths and if you have ever had metal restorations, you know that they can detract from the natural beauty of your smile.

While metal may have seemed like a suitable material at the time, thankfully, now there are better options available such as tooth-colored material for fillings, crowns, and other types of dental restorations.

Dental clinics in Delhi are propagating the use of metal free restorations as they are highly biocompatible, with virtually no potential for allergic reaction.

All ceramic metal free crowns

In the past, crowns were made of metal because metal was easy to work with and thought to be the strongest material. However, metal crowns never look natural.

Thanks to advances in modern dentistry, metal free dentistry is able to offer metal free porcelain crowns or veneers that match the color of your natural tooth enamel.

No one will be able to tell that you had dental work done. Metal-free dentistry is also better for your overall health.

Porcelain crowns or veneers mask many undesirable cosmetic defects including severely stained teeth, chipped or worn teeth or discolored fillings in the front teeth.

Patients with gaps between their front teeth or slightly misaligned teeth may also consider porcelain crowns veneers instead of metal braces.

Modern technology has given us the opportunity to practice cosmetic dentistry without the use of metal.

Dentists in reputed dental clinics in India believe in giving our patients the best treatment possible. That’s why we avoid using metal crowns and bridges.

All-ceramic crowns not only conserve and protect your remaining tooth structure, but look more realistic than metal-based restorations.

White Fillings

Traditionally, metal (amalgam) fillings used to be our only choices for restoring the damaged or decayed teeth but advances in dental material technology have created tooth colored restorative materials that help you look your best.

Today’s metal-free restorations are designed to provide the strength and stability of metal while offering a cosmetic benefit as well.

Tooth-colored fillings actually bond to the tooth structure, holding the tooth together for added strength.

Instead of weakening the tooth, recent advances have made white fillings stronger, longer lasting and better than ever.

The bonding adhesives used for composite resin dentistry is also compatible with the natural material of your teeth so it won’t weaken over time.

Now many procedures used in dentistry can improve oral health in addition to improving smile aesthetics.

Dentists in Delhi give their best to improve your smile with functionally strong teeth that resemble the beauty of your natural teeth.

Conservation of tooth structure is of vital importance when restoring the dentition. The introduction of tooth colored (metal free) materials has provided options which help conserve tooth structure that did not exist previously.

Dentists in India perform minimally invasive procedures and try to conserve as much natural, healthy tooth structure as possible.

With today’s latest and effective technologies & developments, it is now really possible to improve your smile, to really build a harmonious, well balanced, and attractive smile.


Posted by- Dr Shriya