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How Dental Implants Improve Your Overall Health

Replacing missing teeth is important to your general health and to the health of your other teeth.

Dental implants replace the root-part of a missing tooth. Dental implants are by far the best treatment to replace missing teeth of all the ways modern dentistry has to offer.

There is no other tooth-replacement option that will give you a longer-lasting result. Implants have a documented success rate of over 95%, which is significantly higher than any other tooth-replacement option.

Most of the dentists in India are doing dental implants as a routine dental treatment.

Replacing missing teeth is important also to the health of your other teeth and to your overall health.

When one of your teeth is removed and not replaced, your mouth/jawbone can begin to deteriorate. When you lose natural teeth, you not only lose functionality/chewing ability but can cause other teeth to be lost, tipped or can cause shifting of neighboring teeth.

Unreplaced teeth can cause other teeth/mouth to experience sequele of other dental issues but perhaps the most dramatic change happens in your bones.

Loss of bone is one of the major and hidden consequences of losing teeth.

When a tooth or teeth are missing and the roots no longer exist, the bone begins to break down. That is the reason; you may notice that sunken look with people who have missing teeth. It distorts your face’s natural shape and makes you look older.

Dental implant not only acts as a means to keep your teeth firmly, it actually stimulates the growth of new bone, which benefits your jawbone, keeping it healthy and sturdy.

Dental implants fuse to your bone recreating that all-important connection to the healthy bone structure.

Brushing and flossing is much easier with dental implants than with bridges or dentures. Because they feel like natural teeth, you can brush and floss thoroughly, reducing your chances of developing gum disease and the health risks associated with it.

With the growing awareness dental implants are getting more popular than bridges in reputed dental clinics in Delhi like ‘Smile Delhi- The Dental Clinic’.

Dental implants have been used to replace missing teeth for over 50 years. They are now the standard of care for restoring functionality in a rapidly deteriorating mouth.

Dental implants help you chew, look and feel better, regain your self-esteem, and have a better quality of life.

Also, another way in which dental implants really stand out from other tooth replacement procedures is that they are a permanent solution.

Once an implant is successfully done, it’s there for the rest of your life (as long as you take good care of it).

Dental implant treatment is considered more predictable than any other tooth replacement option. All the other replacement options have their benefits and uses, but they all need to be replaced over time.

Dental clinics in India are now proactive in treating patients with missing teeth with dental implants.

It’s not so surprising that more and more people are turning to dental implants to recapture their confidence and their smiles.

When you think of dental implants, you probably think of their aesthetic value but they also have numerous health benefits.

  • Improves Overall Oral Health- A lost tooth can have numerous health repercussions for you. Getting a dental implant restores balance and equilibrium to your mouth.
  • Improve your Appearance – A major benefit to dental implants is that they preserve bone and prevent further deterioration of the facial structure, and therefore improve appearance. When most or all the natural teeth are severely compromised or missing, there is nothing left in the jawbone to stimulate bone growth. Losing teeth can cause rapid deterioration of the facial structure, this results in sagging of the face and sunken appearance. Dental implants reinforce the bone and give it an anchor to keep it strong and restore the natural shape of your face. It also makes for a healthier and fuller smile and you can take up to 20 years off your smile.
    Improve Speech Impediments – An added benefit of dental implants is that they can correct any lisps or speech impediments caused by tooth loss. It improves your quality of life and also makes you more effective at communicating with others.
  • No Cavities – Dental implants look just like natural teeth. One advantage of dental implants over natural teeth is that they can’t get cavities.
  • Restore Your Mouth to its Most Natural State- Dental implants are the closest thing to natural teeth. Your teeth will feel and function like natural teeth.
  • Eliminate Health Issues – If gum disease was the problem that initially caused your tooth loss, missing teeth can further complicate the problem. Dental implants help create a healthier mouth and help reduce periodontal disease. Periodontal disease does not improve by itself and if left unchecked and allowed to worsen, it can lead to heart attacks, strokes, Alzheimer’s disease, diabetes and other chronic diseases.
  • Help you eat a healthier diet- When you have dental implants, you don’t have to hold back on foods that are great for your health including nuts, seeds, whole grains such as popcorn, certain raw vegetables such as carrots and corn on the cob, and fruits.
  • Enhance Overall Quality of Life- Dental implants allow both your smile and mouth function to be more natural, which results in increased comfort and confidence when smiling, speaking, and eating. Your quality of life improves significantly since your eating habits will improve and you will be able to eat all types of foods plus you will be able to speak and smile more easily.

Dentists in Delhi are taking time to educate the patients routinely about how dental implant contributes to the health of the whole body.

Dental implants provide excellent long-term value and can be a terrific investment in long-term oral health.
Replacement of lost teeth with dental implants has been used for treating missing teeth for more than 50 years and is recognized as an effective treatment choice.

Dental implants help you feel better about yourself because they allow you to eat, laugh and smile without reservations, and be pain-free and worry-free.


Posted by – Dr Shriya