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Fixed Treatment Options for Patients with No Teeth

Trying to live without your natural teeth is never easy. It is harder if you choose to get removable dentures to replace your missing teeth. No matter how much time and skill is put into fabricating the dentures, they will never quite be the same as your original teeth. So, what’s the solution?

Below are the options one can opt for while thinking about rehabilitation:


The treatment is recommended for patients with a full arch of missing teeth, or who are planning to have any remaining teeth removed and replaced with implants. The All-on-6 treatment offers a stable, long-term, alternative to traditional dentures.

The All-on-6 treatment is designed for immediate use. This procedure is used to replace the entire upper or lower set of teeth. In fact, many patients have benefited from restored teeth since it is a stronger, healthier replacement for dentures. The entire procedure can be completed in just one day; it often ranges between 2–4 hours. The treatment does not typically require bone grafting, so it is an ideal solution for patients with areas of low bone density or volume.

All on 6 implants

Benefits of All-on-6 implants

  • Very short recovery time. The teeth are permanent and fixed so there is no need for patients to be without teeth or to endure temporary dentures for an extended time period.
  • Rarely requires bone grafting.
  • Easy maintenance and cleaning.
  • Reduces further bone loss.
  • Your implant-supported bridge will feel more secure and comfortable than a removable partial denture, which rests on the gums. You should be able to chew normal food comfortably, and the implants should look like the natural teeth they are replacing.


Believe it or not, tooth loss is extremely common among adults, especially as we age. Rather than living with the discomfort and hassles of dentures, many people are opting for what is called “all-on-four” dental implant restoration.

Many people have regained comfort and confidence by replacing missing teeth with All-on-4 dental implants. This treatment has become popular and preferable with patients over the years because it can replace an entire mouth of teeth with just four dental implants and only one surgery. With All-on-4 dental implants, it is possible to replace all of your teeth in just one day. And since the treatment costs less than other options, many more people are able to restore their entire smile with affordable All-on-4 dental implants.

The All-on-4 treatment involves the precise placement of implants in the mouth that serve as anchors for a full dental bridge. In many cases, the bridge only needs to be supported by four dental implants. The All-on-4 dental implant procedure saves time and money, reduces healing time and anxiety. It alleviates the emotional stress brought upon by not liking how you look or feel. In most cases, with the “All-on-4 procedure” you can be eating and drinking things you never could before.

All on 4 implants

Benefits of All-on- 4 implants

  • Reduces or eliminates bone resorption (bone atrophy)
  • Has a lower overall cost than conventional implant procedures
  • Significantly reduces healing time
  • Has proven predictability with highly successful outcomes
  • Allows for brand new replacement teeth in as little as one day.
  • Is permanent and will have you smiling for a lifetime


The intra oral welding concept enables the immediate loading of a fixed prosthesis to be supported by an intraoral welding titanium framework, with the restoration manufactured chair side.

We have also been doing implant cases by the ‘Intra-oral welding technique (The Weld One Concept)’. This makes it a one phase procedure and patients get immediate teeth within a week.

Implants may occasionally fail because there may be micro motion during the phase of bone healing. This is especially true in cases where the bone is deficient i.e.; atrophic ridges. So the primary stabilization of implants in the bone is most important. The immediate loading with fixed teeth is possible because one takes advantage of “cross arch stabilization “as the entire arch is being rehabilitated.

When proper fixation and stabilization of implants can be achieved, we go ahead with the immediate loading and oral rehabilitation with an implant supported over denture, within 3 days after surgery. Thanks to the technique of welding, the implant abutments with titanium bars are now possible.

Once the implants have achieved the stability and retention, we can load them with crowns/ bridges or over dentures.

intra oral welding technique

Benefits of Intra oral Welding technique:

  • The procedure can be performed directly in the mouth.
  • It eliminates the possibility of errors or distortions due to the impression.
  • The rigid splinting of the implant abutments reduces the stress exerted on the implants.
  • The splinting of the abutments, which is done before the immediate loading, helps retain the implants.
  • The method consists of either welding a titanium bar or a wire to the abutments of these implants.
  • There are lesser implant fractures and increased success of the implants.

There are very few dental clinics in Delhi that are doing the intra oral welding of the implants. Smile Delhi-The Dental Clinic being one of them.

Our dental surgeons are among the pioneers and the best implant specialists in Delhi. Having an experience of over 20 years they have done about 25000 implants.


Implant-supported dentures are over-dentures fixed to the gums by root-form titanium implants within the jaws. For patients with an uncomfortable or loose-fitting denture, stabilizing it with implants can be a more comfortable and functional solution.

Implants are placed in the jaw, where they are anchored firmly in the surrounding bone. Attachments are placed on the underside of the denture that connects to the implants. When placed in the mouth, the denture snaps onto the implants, keeping it stable and secure.

Traditional lower jaw dentures have no way to stay in place, and their constant movement can lead to gum pain. Just 2 implants can anchor the denture and eliminate the problems.

Upper jaw snap on dentures eliminate the need for the extension of the acrylic plate on to the palate section/roof of the mouth; by snapping onto four to six secure dental implants. This offers improved comfort and stability when compared to many other types of dentures.

Implant-supported dentures

Benefits of dentures supported by implants.

  • People who opt for implant-supported dentures are more confident when they talk, laugh, and eat in public. You will never have to worry about your false teeth slipping or falling out while you eat or are engaged in conversation.
  • Implant-supported dentures are far more comfortable because they are secure and feel like natural teeth. There is also less irritation of gum tissue; patients who have conventional dentures often suffer pain and canker sores.
  • Implant-supported dentures look more natural than conventional dentures because less plastic is needed for retention. Wearing implant-supported dentures can also help your appearance in the long term by preventing jaw shrinkage and bone loss.
  • Patients with conventional dentures have difficulty with speaking clearly. Slurred speech and clicking noises are common problems. Implant-supported dentures can help you relax and talk easily with a more clear and natural voice.
  • Best of all, with implant-supported dentures, there is no need to use denture adhesives.
  • Rather than relying on the strength of your gums, the denture is fully supported by the implants. This allows you to eat particularly tough foods, such as steak and corn on the cob, that are a real challenge for traditional denture wearers.

The high success rate of Implant treatment at our dental clinic in South Delhi is due to the premier quality of Implants used, strict practice of sterilization during implant surgery and last but not the least the expertise.

Being without teeth for most people is a handicap in everyday life. Fixed treatment options are fantastic solutions, as they offer the highest levels of security to a patient as their chewing, looks and phonetics (speaking) is as good as with natural teeth.

Smile Delhi- The Dental Clinic offers you all types of Dental Implants in Delhi, India which ranges from Single Tooth Replacement to a Multiple Tooth Replacement.

Posted By – Dr. Sonam