Dr. Ankit Gupta

Dr. Jinendra Jain

Prosthodontist / Crown

Dr Ankit Gupta is our Prosthodontist.
He has done his MDS in Prosthodontics and has an experience of 12 years.
His favourite procedure is ‘Smile Makeovers’ through all ceramic crowns and veneers. He has done many many cases of Smile makeovers at Smile Delhi, for patients from across the globe. He has not just satisfied them but delighted them . So much value gets added to these patients lives, that they experience significant improvements in the quality of, both their personal and professional lives. Their confidence levels go up and they are upbeat psycologically.

Some of these cases can be viewed in the picture gallery of our website. Having gone through this smile makeover myself, with a combination of 20 all ceramic crowns and veneers can relate to this. Dr Ankit, is into personal development and that comes through strongly in his work. He is constantly innovating and learning new ways of of doing the various treatment procedures, the whole idea being, ‘more quality work which is quicker, adding to patient comfort.’

He is an expert in full mouth rehabilitation using fixed and removable prosthesis including cases, with traumatic overlap, lost vertical dimension and developmental defects (like amelogensis imperfecta), soft tissue ridge augmentation using connective tissue graft to rehabilitate anterior esthetics.

He is an adept at removable prosthesis including complete dentures, Cast partial dentures and Flexible dentures.
Dr Gupta has an in-depth knowledge of the subject and teaching experience of 10years at undergraduate and post graduate level. Being academically involved is a big plus, as it helps keeping abreast with the latest developments and research in this field.
Apart from dentistry Dr Gupta is fond of the finer things in life.