Smile Makeover – Dream Smile In Just 4 Days

The most effective method of transforming a smile is through ceramic veneers and crowns. India does not manufacture any dental material, so we use the best ceramic available worldwide. We use Emax ceramic veneers and crowns. One must understand that covering the teeth with ceramic veneers or crowns is not just about beautifying them, but also protecting them as they get reinforced, especially if they are aged teeth.

It is a very conservative approach, as the amount of grinding is just 0.5 to 1 mm on the tooth. The impression is done on day 1 (it takes about one to one and a half hours) and the fitting of the crowns and veneers is done on day 4 (which takes about 1 hour). In the interim period between the two sittings temporary crowns/veneers are fitted. It is a completely safe procedure and the integrity and strength of the teeth are maintained. These crowns/veneers last as long as the underlying natural teeth are intact. Thanks to the latest materials and equipment, in just 4 days a person’s life can be turned around.