Gums along with underlying jaw bones are the foundation of the teeth just like a building has a foundation. Food remnants react with the bacteria present in the mouth and form a slimy layer on the surface of the teeth called plaque. This causes the inflammation or infection of the gums. If not treated in time it converts to stone like deposits called calculus. Thus, it’s very important to maintain the health of the gums, otherwise the teeth can become weak and mobile. This condition is called pyorrhea/ gingivitis and the advanced stage is called periodontitis. It is the second most common disease of the oral cavity. The scary part is that pyorrhea progresses silently with minimal symptoms. By the time the patient discovers it, the teeth have already become mobile. The way to prevent this situation is to go for regular “six-monthly dental check-ups and cleaning of the gums.”

We at Smile Delhi do a comprehensive process of cleaning which involves the following four steps;

  • Ultrasonic Scaling/Cleaning
  • Scaling/Cleaning with the hand instruments
  • Flossing
  • Polishing

Mouth is literally the gateway to one’s health. The bacteria from the mouth travels through the gums and creates havoc in other parts of the body like subacute bacterial endocarditis in the heart etc. Keeping this in mind, as soon as one notices symptoms like bad breath, redness, sponginess or bleeding of gums, one should see the dentist immediately and not take it lightly.

Root planing and scaling is one of the most effective ways to treat gum disease before it becomes severe. It cleans the surfaces of the teeth and the area between the teeth and the gums which cannot be reached by normal brushing.

After this procedure one should continue to brush and floss regularly. Without proper dental care at home the gum disease may progress. To promote healing, use of tobacco products should be stopped. Smoking or chewing tobacco also reduces one’s ability to fight gum infection and delays healing.