Primary teeth are vital to ensure the later growth of adult teeth, therefore it is vital that they are maintained.

Q. Why should milk teeth be restored?

A. Dental restoration is the procedure by which decayed or damaged teeth are carefully repaired to a healthy state. Many refer to dental restorations as fillings, as they involve synthetic material being positioned in or around the tooth to allow it to return to its normal condition.

There are a number of reasons which make tooth restoration of primary teeth necessary.

  • If the decay is left to spread in the mouth, it can lead to your child losing his or her teeth earlier than they should.
  • The primary teeth should reside in the mouth until permanent ‘adult’ teeth protrude through the gums and coerce the primary tooth out. If a primary tooth is lost before this juncture, the teeth on either side of the space can invade and cause crowding issues.
  • A more popular treatment used in tooth restoration in children is the application of plastic dental crowns. These can be placed and fixed onto the front teeth if they have undergone significant decay.
  • Crowns can also be used on the back teeth if they are badly decayed. Alternatively, a stainless steel cap can be applied. These treatments are readily made and are designed to prevent any further decay. This type of restoration requires only 1 sitting.