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ONE SITTING ROOT CANAL TREATMENT : Guaranteed, Painless, One Sitting Root Canal Treatments

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What is Restorative Dentistry?

Today restorative dental treatments really help us to achieve optimum dental health, function and aesthetics for our patients. Restorative treatment ‘restores’ your teeth and gums to health.

Restorative dental treatment includes fillings, root canals, inlays, onlays, and posts & cores.

From time to time, the teeth can become infected or damaged and then that portion of the tooth needs to be removed and restored.

Restoring the tooth also includes the rehabilitation of the tooth, and helps to preserve its appearance and function, and is often a means of saving the tooth.

Fillings are the most common type of restorations, and are used to restore teeth that have cavities. Traditional metal or silver amalgam fillings are still in use, but they are unsightly and contain toxic mercury.

Also the preparation of the cavity is not conservative, as some mechanical preparations of retention need to be followed.  We recommend white composite fillings which blend in with your natural teeth and are more aesthetic. These fillings are mercury free. The cavity preparation for composite fillings is more conservative  compared to silver amalgam, as we just grind the tooth where it is required, ie the decayed portion.

Your health and well-being should come first, and restorative treatment can make a huge difference to the way you look and feel. One Sitting Root Canal Treatments, are Guaranteed, Painless.

Here is what some of our patients had to say, regarding their experience of root canals treatments done at our clinic.

Tom P. Darriington, Australia

“Faced with the need for a Root Canal I went white as a sheet. Wasn’t that synonymous to some medieval tortures? Well I decided to go through with it in Delhi instead of Seattle. I’ll tell you – it was painless. I wasn’t even numbed for the event. And of course financially speaking, it was not at all shocking. A quite & professional atmosphere, plus, Dr. Suprriya’s charming way with people allows me to highly recommend the clinic.”

Maria Mahapatra, Orissa

“One of the best doctor’s I have been ever been treated by is Dr. Suprriya Bhatia. It was a pleasure meeting you and being treated by u. U gave me a reason to smile once again in life and saved me the embarrassment meeting people and my husband. U have proved to me that root canal treatment isn’t painful. I wish u all the best in life. And May God bless u in every step u take. Thanks a lot.” Suprriya

Sanjay Rath, New Delhi

“I may say with complete confidence that you are not only very skilled but also very caring. Two major root canals, that too involving molar, 5 crowns and a bridge and a dozen bonding restorations without PAIN!!!. No swelling, no bleeding eating normal foods…WOW! I’ll be back.” Wishing you the best Regards

Krishnan Amex, New Delhi

“Dear Ma’am, Thank you so very much for your excellent skill when I had my Root Canal. I couldn’t still believe the problem has been treated because it was really painless with no discomfort at all. Keep up your good work.Thanks again so very much.”

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