Our Team of Specialists

Dr. Supriyya B  Bhatia

Dr. Suprriya B Bhatia

Owner, Lead Dentist & Patient Partner

As the owner of Smile Delhi, Dr. Bhatia completed her Bachelors in Dental Sciences (BDS), from SDM College of Dental Sciences, Dharwad, Karnataka in 1994 and finished her internship with the same institute in 1995. She gained her affiliate degrees of MRSH and MFDI from Glasgow, Scotland, UK in 1997.

She began active private dental practice at Delhi in 1998, and continued to study and pursue higher studies at Sydney University in Australia. She has completed training under the ‘Nobel Fellow Programme’ in ‘Implant and Aesthetic Dentistry’, conducted by Nobel Biocare, Sweden and is a certified healthcare provider in the Basic Life Support programme conducted by the American Heart Association.

She regularly conducts dental workshops with various corporate groups such as:

  • Times of India
  • Tata Consultancy Services
  • Jubilant Organosys
  • NIIT
  • American Express Bank
  • HCL Technologies
  • Zee
As your main point of contact with Smile Delhi, Dr. Bhatia prides herself in communicating directly with prospective patients and making herself available to provide extensive advice, education and consultation before they even set foot in their dental practice or even India itself (incase of inbound patients from abroad). In addition, she personally oversees every patient’s treatment plan, specialist procedures viz.. Smile Makeover with veneers / Full Mouth Rehabilitation with dental implants whilst they are at the clinic. Over the years she has found that this is particularly valued by our international clients who have never visited India before and are seeking help in dispelling certain negative preconceptions derived from what they see on TV and the internet about India.
Her bedside manner is impeccable and her attention to details results in optimised patients’ results.
Dr. Hema Agrawal

Dr. Hema Agrawal

Associate Dentist

Dr. Hema Agrawal is our full time Associate Dentist at ‘Smile Delhi’. She has completed her BDS from Buddha Institute of Dental Sciences and Hospital, Patna, Bihar. She is competent and diligent.

Having a vast clinical experience of 8+ years, she conducts various dental procedures like root canal procedures, teeth whitening, teeth and gums deep scaling and curettage, cosmetic teeth fillings and extractions with patience and confidence.

Being passionate about dentistry she keeps herself updated with newer technologies by attending various dental workshops and conferences consistently.

As Dr. Suprriya’s protégé, she is continually growing and expanding her patient communication and specialist dental procedure management skill set and is adept at running the practice during Dr. Suprriya’s rare absences.

Always found with a warm smile on her face, she strives to make her patients’ dental experience a pleasant one. 

Her forte is that she is very gentle and calm in dealing with patients who are anxious and have their first visit to the dental office.

She is sensitive to the patients’ fears and concerns and adept at calming anxious patients through empathy and clear and concise communication in regards to dental procedures.

Dr. Ankit Gupta

Dr. Ankit Gupta

Crown and Bridge Specialist (Prosthodontist)

Dr. Gupta completed his post graduate 3 year Master of Dental Surgery (MDS) in Prosthodontics and now has over 15 years experience in performing ‘Smile Makeovers’ and using all-ceramic crowns and veneers and ‘Full Mouth Rehabilitations’ also for collapsed bites, patients with loss of vertical dimension and developmental defects viz..Amelogenesis Imperfecta.

He consistently exceeds patients’ expectations and has delighted numerous people from both India and across the globe. Some of these cases can be viewed in the gallery of our website.

His other specialities are

  • Complete Dentures
  • Flexible Partial Dentures
  • Ceramic Veneers
  • Crowns and bridges in both ceramic and gold.

Dr. Gupta is both a skilled dental surgeon and artist who prides himself in creating a beautiful smile built upon a strong and secure foundation created upon your existing teeth, implants or a mixture of both.

He begins by measuring and assessing your facial features and teeth positions against the golden proportions of attractiveness and aims to craft your smile as close to these ideals as possible.

Dr. Anshul Jain

Dr. Anshul Jain

Oral Maxillofacial Surgeon & Implant Specialist

Dr. Anshul Jain is our oral maxillofacial surgeon and Implant Specialist..He graduated from Subharti dental college and did his masters from ITS dental college and is associated with Narendra Mohan Hospital, Rajiv Gandhi  Cancer Institute and Research Centre and Max super speciality hospital, Vaishali (Head and Neck Oncology).

He has achieved an ICOI; International Congress of Oral Implantology (Spain) and completed a CTCS (Certified  Tobacco Cessation Specialist) course certified from Gujarat University.

Specialising in :

  • Full Mouth Rehabilitation with Implants by ALL ON 6; ALL ON 4; Implant Supported Dentures / Overdentures
  • Immediate Dental Implants post extractions in the same sitting
  • Immediate dental implants with direct and indirect sinus lifts
  • Bone Augmentation
  • Ridge Split
  • Cranio maxillofacial trauma
  • Dento alveolar surgery
  • Cleft lip and palate
  • Dental lasers
  • Wisdom tooth Impactions
  • Orthognathic surgery
  • Onco surgery

Generally, you will only see Dr. Jain if you require surgery in a hospital setting under general anaesthetic.

Dr. Randhir Kishore

Dr. Randhir Kishore

Root Canal Specialist (Endodontist)

Dr. Randhir Kishore is our root canal specialist (Endodontist). He specialises in the diagnosis and treatment related to the infected nerves of the teeth. Having graduated from ‘Manipal College of Dental Sciences’ (MCODS).

He completed additional 2 years training under the esteemed Dr. Erowele Darlingtonin  in Houston, Texas, USA and further specialised in microscopic endodontic treatment under the tutelage of Dr. Amber Ather

His other specialities are

  • Re-root canal treatments
  • Broken instruments retrieval
  • Hemi sections
  • Root resorption cases
  • Endo surgeries like Apicoectomy
  • treating traumatically injured teeth
  • Composite Veneers

Dr. Randhir estimates that he has completed in excess of 6,000 root canal treatments to date and is an expert in ‘single sitting root canal treatments,’ and uses the latest minimally invasive motorised technique.

He keeps up to date on the continual development of modern anaesthetics and utilises them to eliminate or dramatically reduce any pain.

He has performed 14 root canals on a single patient in one day and received the comment, “that didn’t hurt at all – I’m amazed!”. This is routine for him, especially for full mouth rehabilitations.

You will spend time with him should any root canal work be required in your case.

Dr. Rajesh Gandhi

Dr. Rajesh Gandhi


Dr. Rajesh Gandhi is a specialised orthodontist with over 20 years of experience. He has a special interest in early intervention orthodontics so that comprehensive treatment can be minimised. 

He has been trained by some of the most recognized and respected teachers like Dr. Rafi Romano in lingual orthodontics, Dr. Sadashiva Shetty in contemporary pre-adjusted edgewise appliance, Dr. N.R. Krishnaswamy in functional jaw orthopaedics, etc.

His post-graduation is from the prestigious A.B. Shetty Memorial Institute of Dental Sciences, Mangalore and he has taught postgraduates since 2005.  An external examiner at various universities, he has guided several postgraduates in their dissertations.

He is a certified Invisalign provider, catering to the most demanding cases with spectacular results.

You will see Dr. Gandhi to correct all types of misaligned teeth to improve your smile. These include overbite, underbite, crossbite, the gap between teeth, crooked teeth, or any type of teeth misalignment.

He’s a certified Invisalign provider, catering to the most demanding cases with spectacular results.

Due to the long term nature of Dr. Gandhi’s specialisation, he tends to see primarily local patients – both Indian and expats living in Delhi.

Dr. Aashwiin Miglani

Dr. Aashwiin Miglani

Gum Specialist (Periodontist)

Dr. Aashwiin Miglani is our gum specialist (periodontist). He has done completed his masters in periodontology from Bharati Vidyapeeth University, Pune and is the key opinion leader for

  • CSM Dental Implants
  • Perio faculty at the Institute of Dental Excellence and Aesthetic institute of India.

He is also the ‘Clinical Applications Head’ for Deppeler Swiss Dental Instruments and is trained at Bern University. He also holds a Fellowship from the Academy of Oral Implantology and displays a keen interest in Micro-Perio Plastic surgeries and has many publications to his name as well.

He is also a trained LASER dental surgeon and uses this technique for

  • Gum Depigmentation / Bleaching
  • Gum Contouring
  • Treating Gummy Smiles
  • Frenectomy
  • Curettage
  • Flap Surgeries.

Generally, you will only see Dr. Miglani should you require his laser and surgical dental skills for:

  • Gum Depigmentation / Bleaching
  • Gum Contouring
  • Treating Gummy Smiles
  • Frenectomy (extending tongue reach)
  • Curettage (removal of inflamed tissue)
  • Flap Surgery to repair gum ‘pockets’ below the gum line.
Dr. Sharon Paul

Dr. Sharon Paul

Kids Specialist (Pedodontist)

Dr. Sharon Paul, a skilled and compassionate dentist, completed her Bachelors in Dental Surgery from the prestigious Karnavati School of Dentistry Gujarat, followed by Masters in Dental Surgery from Ahmedabad Dental College and Hospital Gujarat.

With a wealth of experience gained from practicing at various clinics in Ahmedabad, Mumbai, and Delhi NCR, she has established herself as an expert in the field.

Dr. Sharon’s true passion lies in pediatric dentistry, where she exhibits remarkable expertise and a genuine affinity for working with children. Driven by a deep understanding of children’s dental needs, she possesses the ability to create a friendly and comfortable environment, ensuring that her young patients feel at ease during their dental visits. The dental procedures performed by Dr. Paul include Pulpectomies and pulpotomies, Placement of metal and tooth-coloured dental crowns, space maintainers, dental fillings and extractions. 

While Dr. Paul is proficient in these dental procedures, she strongly believes in the power of preventive dentistry. She understands that establishing good oral hygiene habits and receiving preventive care at an early age can significantly reduce the risk of dental problems in the future. Therefore, she places a strong emphasis on preventive dental procedures such as pit and fissure sealants and fluoride application.


One of Dr. Sharon Paul’s greatest enthusiasms lies in educating parents about their children’s oral hygiene. She firmly believes that parental involvement and education play a vital role in maintaining a cavity-free mouth for little ones.

Dr. Paul takes the time to explain proper brushing and flossing techniques to parents, emphasizing the importance of establishing good oral hygiene habits early on. She provides guidance on age-appropriate toothbrushes, toothpaste, and other oral care products, tailoring her recommendations to each child’s specific needs.

Beyond her professional competence, Dr. Sharon is known for her loving and caring nature towards children. She goes above and beyond to make each child’s experience positive and enjoyable, emphasizing the importance of maintaining good oral hygiene habits from an early age. Her warm and empathetic approach allows her to connect with children on a personal level, earning their trust and building lasting relationships with both the young patients and their parents.

Moreover, her passion for teaching led her to create a YouTube channel where she shares her knowledge and expertise with aspiring dentists, focusing on the field of pediatric dentistry.

Dr. Sharon Paul’s commitment to providing exceptional dental care, coupled with her expertise in pediatric dentistry and her nurturing demeanor, make her an outstanding professional who consistently puts her patients’ well-being first.

Dr. Arjun Dhiman

Dr. Arjun Dhiman

Implant Specialist

Dr. Arjun Dhiman is our Implant specialist and graduated from Govt. dental college PGIMS, Rohtak, Haryana and completed his masters from All India Institute of Dental Science (AIIMS), New Delhi. 

His All India rank in AIIMS was No.1 and specialise in ‘all on 6’ and ‘all on 4’ implants for those who have lost all of their teeth and wish to regain their smile.

With specific training in both Nobel Biocare (Sweden) and Osstem (Korea), Dr Arjun has performed many implants with success till date.

He will be your initial specialist at our clinic should you have no teeth and require a strong foundation on which we build your new smile.

Skilled at immediate / same day implants where physically possible, you will see him for this procedure if you are significantly time constrained.

You will also consult with him should you require work in other areas he specialises in such as a ridge split or direct / indirect sinus lift.

Dr. Tarun Giroti

Dr. Tarun Giroti

Implant Specialist

Dr. Tarun Giroti is one of the pioneers of dental implants in India. With over 22 years of experience, he is a key opinion leader and speaker for Alpha Biocare Implants and has completed various national and international courses in USA, Israel, Japan, Australia and Lisbon. He has done advanced training for “All On Four Implant Technique” and “Zygomatic Implants” from Lisbon.

Dr. Giroti is well versed with the leading implant systems such as Nobel Biocare, Bredent and Ankylos, Alpha Biocare, etc.

He is a highly decorated member of the dental fraternity and is a Member of the Royal Society of Medicine. A most sought-after international speaker with many publications under his belt.

Having done so many implants to date, you will see him if you require a single implant to replace a lost tooth or if you have lost all your teeth and wish to regain your smile.

He will assess your jaw and bone health to determine the best type and brand of implant for your unique physiology and available time but will never recommend a procedure to save time if he doesn’t believe it has a 100% chance of success.

His positivity and affable chair side manners stem not only from his experience of over two decades but also his spirituality that motivates him to serve his patients with the best care possible.

Our Support Staff

Santoshi Sarkar

Santoshi Sarkar

Practice Manager & Photographer

Santoshi with her lovely smile and  amicable personality is the first point of contact for a patient who visits the clinic. Being soft spoken and empathetic, she is liked by patients. She is a conscientious worker whether it’s inventory management or data updating and maintenance etc.

Santoshi ensures that all materials and services are available to our dental team as and when required. Her organisational and communication skills ensure our patients are scheduled and greeted both professionally and compassionately.

She utilises her photography skills to document our more complex procedures so that our patients have their unique dental story to take home with them.

Govind Negi

Govind Negi

Senior Dental Assistant

Govind is an adept Dental Assistant. Having an experience of over 20 years, he is an expert in not just assisting all the specialists while they are treating patients, also knows all the inhouse lab procedures and sterilisation protocols.

An indispensable part of our team, Govind works seamlessly with our dentists and specialists to ensure that all procedures are carried out efficiently and in the minimum amount of time.

His experience and professionalism means that he invariably has instruments and materials ready before our dentists and specialists even ask for them. His dedication and involvement comes through by just observing his involvement.

Neetu Singh

Neetu Singh

Dental Assistant

Neetu is an expert dental assistant. She assists all the specialists by providing and preparing the required materials. Is especially good at helping with the treatment of geriatric patients and kids. Neetu with her happy expression and welcoming smile, has a pleasant demeanour.