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Why Smile Delhi Your Preferred Choice?

1. You get the most hygienic environment due to our stringent sterilization processes.

Cleanliness is the foundation of a safe dentistry. A major survey of patient’s attitudes towards dentists found that the cleanliness of a dental office is one of the key reasons a patient will reappoint with that dentist. Research shows that patients are significantly happier with dentists whose offices meet the highest standards for cleanliness. We at Smile Delhi maintain the highest levels of cleanliness to ensure that any dental procedure is not compromised. This is testified by our patients, from across the globe in their testimonials.

Our protocol for hygiene and sterilization include:

  • A 6-step stringent sterilization process, use of disposable instruments, shields and other protective solutions.
  • The finest Tuttnauer Autoclave and UV Chamber instrument storage.
  • Use of only distilled water for all procedures.
  • Well spaced appointments to ensure meticulous sanitization of treatment chamber between patients.
  • Prompt follow-up after each procedure. All of these measures help ensure our patients receive both a safe and pleasant dental experience.

2. You get comprehensive dental care from basic to the latest procedure, under one roof.

If a patient is undergoing comprehensive dental treatment involving procedures of implant placement, root canal treatment and gum problems, all the specialists are available in our clinic. The patients do not have to run pillar to post, finding the right specialist for their treatment.

3. You will be in hands of experienced dentists, specializing in their respective areas of dentistry.

Dentistry these days has become very specialized. There are 7 clinical branches of dentistry. We are a team of 7 specialists, who are specialists in their respective fields. A neurosurgeon cannot do a knee surgery. Similarly good trained implant specialist will only focus on implants and not do root canals and vice versa. It is also important to understand that one dentist cannot do all the different types of procedures, there are different specialists for each treatment. It is better to be a master of one branch rather than jack of all.

4. You get the optimized quality of treatment, due to our state of the art equipment and world class dental materials.

Following are the benefits the patient receives in a multispecialty dental clinic equipped with latest equipment, materials and technology.

  • Now a days technology is backing medicine to an extent that the concept of painless dentistry is now possible.
    In multispecialty dental clinics in India like Smile Delhi- The Dental Clinic single sitting root canal treatments are routinely done in 98 percent cases, where patients need not come 3-4 times for their procedure.
  • For example: for very few patients who are not happy with metal implants in their mouth, zirconia implants can be done for them or patients who have lost their full set of teeth, implants can be placed and fixed durable teeth can be given (which can be changed anytime after1-3 years) in single sitting with “Intra- oral Weld technique”.

All this is possible with latest techniques and equipments being followed.

5. Your time is valued as a strict appointment schedule is to be followed.

There is nothing more irritating for a patient than having to waste time in your waiting area. Some basic time management skills applied to appointment scheduling should ensure that the practice always runs on time unless there has been an emergency or a procedure has become complicated. And if there is going to be a delay we simply send your patients a text or give them a call giving them an idea of how long they may have to wait.

6. Personalized care.

Take the Time to Answer Questions

Even on a busy day, we like to spend adequate time with each patient and answer questions about their teeth and/or treatment.

Follow up calls

After a procedure is performed on a patient our office calls the next day to see how he or she is feeling. Dr Suprriya herself calls the patient to check if the patient is doing well if any complicated procedure is carried out.

Appointment Reminders

An appointment reminder is given one day prior to the patient. It gives you the opportunity to delay or reschedule in case you want to, so we can offer the opening to another patient. This also gives the opportunity to help a patient who has an emergency dental issue.

Service with a smile

The front office staff, dental assistants and other employees on a customer service course to improve the overall impression of your practice as well as the manner in which your patients are treated. A smile, friendly demeanor and taking a little time to ensure that each patient feels special may seem silly but is actually very important to the patients.

Well-explained treatment plans /procedures

The dentist should explain what treatment is needed. Further we give options to the patient, for them to consider when it comes to the financial aspect; they need not one, but a few choices for financing like offering a good financing package so that you can afford to do the dentistry you need. Whether it is a simple dental consultation or complicated procedure, take a few minutes to explain to the patient what they should expect which can go a long way towards alleviating their fear of pain and the unknown.

Patients Want Payment Options

The dental office provides various payments modes to the patients in terms of cash, card, cheques and online transfers. If the treatment is long and involves heavy costing, providing instalments can relieve burden from the patient.

7. Private elevator for elderly patients.

Keeping this increased life expectancy in mind, the age of retirement in many sectors in India is increasing and in some it has even gone up to 70 years. The mission of the clinic should be enhancing the quality of life for older adults by improving access to dental care, both physically and financially. For instance, since most of the elderly suffer from joint pains and cannot climb the stairs a private elevator should be made available for them so that they can also undergo the required dental treatment.

Last, but by no means least, professionalism is absolutely essential in every dental practice. The patients should not been seen only as a means to increase the profits.

Our mission is, “Adding value to health, by providing beautiful, healthy smiles, through the highest quality dentistry with personalized care.

“My Philosophy for Treatment- I choose that treatment for my patients, which I would recommend to my family members, best in terms of quality, longevity and ease of maintenance” – By Dr Suprriya Bhatia.

Posted By – Dr Sonam