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Why I Find Dentistry- An Exciting Profession

Dentistry has come a long way.

For the last 17 years i have been in dental practise, i have seen and practised a number of changes in this profession. The fact that dentistry is so dynamic, makes the profession interesting. Thanks to the developments in science and technology, dentistry has become more easy, both for the patient and the dentist. The procedures are quicker, less painful with better quality results and increased longevity.

Here are some of the changes i have witnessed in my tenure as a practising dentist and look forward to more….

Fillings/restorations in cavities are of the tooth coloured composite resin materials. Silver fillings are obsolete now. The resin materials are improving every year. Now the latest generation of resins especially for the back/posterior teeth are as strong as silver amalgam. The resins for the front /anterior teeth have such good polishability that they retain their lusture and colour for a much longer time.Its amazing and equally exciting that with the current materials, one can almost replicate the natural teeth, in terms of colour, hue, chroma, tints, texture. The artist in the dentist gets a complete motivation with the advent of such advanced materials.

The all ceramic metal free crowns and veneers are a big hit with the patients who want a complete smile makeover and that includes me. Ever since i got a smile makeover, with the ideal feminine teeth i wanted, gaps gone and shade of my choice , i have not stopped smiling. The zirconia crowns for the back/posterior teeth have very good strength. The emax crowns/veneers for the front teeth have excellent esthetics
and are so lifelike that no one can make out if there is any thing artificial in the mouth.

The dreaded root canals earlier involved 4 to 5 visits to the dentist. Now 90 percent of the cases can be done in one sitting. The procedure is painless under local anaesthesia.

Dental implants are revolutionary.One can make an audacious statement, that with dental implants one can almost replicate nature. The biting power, look, feel and speech with dental implants is as good as natural teeth. No wonder the older age group patients ask for fixed teeth instead of dentures when all their teeth have gone. They welcome the option of 6 implants and 12 crowns in each arch. This actually takes them back to the their twenties as far as the joy of eating is concerned.

Intra oral welding of the connectors/ abutments of the dental implants have converted the two phase procedure to one phase. Thus patients who are visiting us from overseas are finding great value in this new procedure of, intraoral welding of the connectors of implants. They do not have to make two trips and that is a big boon for them.

Lingual braces/ braces which are fixed on the inner surface of teeth is another relatively new dental procedure .This is very popular with adult patients who want the correction of their malalligned teeth/spaced or protruding teeth. Its a breakthrough as so many adult orthodontic patients avoid getting their teeth aligned, as they donot like the idea of the contraption of braces on the outer side of their teeth. Clear aligner /invisalign treatment is motivating more and more people to sort out their crooked teeth.

Lasers are another big breakthrough in dentistry.Who does not like a bloodless procedure and not having to go under the knife?

Want based dentistry is replacing need based dentistry.More men get their teeth whitened /bleached in our clinic as compared to women. Depigmentation of dark gums has made many patients happy and they love their new smiles. Since mouth is the gateway to health, any progress in dentistry means a progress in the overall health of a person.

Posted By – Dr. Suprriya B. Bhatia