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Why Dental Implants Are Success in Diabetic Patients?

Dental implants are the best solution to replace missing teeth and are becoming an increasing modality of treatment by dentists in India providing you with the right chewing capacity and enhancing your smile.

Dental implants also arrest bone loss in the jaw that often accompanies dentures and prevent damage to neighboring teeth and tissues.

Unfortunately, for many years dentists were reluctant to recommend dental implants for diabetic patients. Diabetes was historically considered a possible risk factor for the placement of dental implants.

Earlier studies suggested that dental implants are less stable in people with uncontrolled diabetes. The concern was that diabetes had been linked with slow healing and high infection rates following dental surgeries.

Dental implants in India are a routine procedure even in patients with diabetes by the dentists in India. However, advancements and new research in the dental implant surgical procedures now confirm that diabetic patients have a higher rate of dental implant surgery success than thought previously.

According to a recent study, dental implants were found to be safe for patients with uncontrolled diabetes. In dental clinics in Delhi diabetics are being treated successfully for dental implants.

People with diabetes may have no reason to avoid getting dental implants as well-controlled diabetics have similar dental implant success results to non-diabetics.

According to the latest research there was no difference in the final success rate of dental implant procedures for diabetic and non-diabetic patients. This was true even of patients with poorly controlled diabetes. In dental clinics in India patients who are medically compromised are seeking implant treatment.

In patients with uncontrolled diabetes who had implants, none of the implants failed after a year, and it was found that people with controlled and uncontrolled diabetes have an equal chance of successful dental implant surgical procedures.

The only difference is that people with poorly controlled diabetes would need more time for implant healing. It takes longer for the bone to heal around implants after their placement i.e. individuals with poorly controlled diabetes would heal more slowly following the implant procedure.

That is because diabetes alters bone formation and delays wound healing. Despite these factors, dental implants could be placed safely in such patients.

Dentists in Delhi are encouraging patients to get implants as the first option for replacement of their missing teeth. This is because, dental implants-

a) The only replacement that stabilize the underlying bone
b) Are most conservative as adjacent teeth are not touched
c) Are almost one time solution for missing teeth

These results of the new studies have been very encouraging for patients with controlled or uncontrolled diabetes to replace missing teeth, as it may allow those individuals to eat a healthier diet and restoring their ability to eat better, which could in turn help with their diabetes and overall health.

It should be done by an implant specialist with an understanding of the special needs of diabetic patients and sufficient healing time is allowed.

However, proper consultation with your dentist and discussion about the success rate and failure reasons should be well understood before opting for a procedure so that maximum results can be achieved.

Blood glucose control may be a consideration in how the implants are managed; your medical doctor may have recommendations that could help in your particular case. Proper counseling for maintenance of dental implants especially in diabetics by dentists in Delhi is contributing to high success rate.

So if you have diabetes and are in need of a tooth implant, you would be able to pursue dental implants. However, several factors should be considered and discussed with your dentist. Your diabetic history, including the type of diabetes you have and the length of time you have had it are big factors.

Dental implants in Delhi are being done successfully in medically compromised patients by the dentists in Delhi by taking due precautions.

In broader terms, when dealing with medically compromised patients suffering from systemic diseases, the monitoring of the medical condition is of great importance in order to avoid risks which could jeopardise the health of the patient.

Your dentist will be able to evaluate your unique health situation to determine the type of dental implants that might work best for you, preventing any risk of infection or other problems.

Posted by- Dr Shriya