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What is Holistic Dentistry?

Holistic dentistry is also known as biological dentistry. It takes into account a person’s entire state of physical and emotional health.

Holistic dentists use natural therapies (often in combination with conventional ones) to prevent, diagnose, and treat diseases of the oral cavity.

Holistic dentistry looks at the patient as a whole system and how the mouth relates to the rest of the body.

This form of dentistry is aesthetic, relatively nontoxic, and individually biocompatible.

Holistic dentistry is not considered a specialty but a philosophy of practice.

The primary focus of holistic dentists’ is on the underlying reasons why a person has dental concerns and then helps correct those issues by strategic changes in their diet and lifestyle.

Holistic dentists tend to attract very health-conscious individuals. They understand that the mouth and the body are related and that the procedures they perform on your teeth and gums will have lasting effects on the rest of your body as well.

They also understand that what goes on in your body, whether positive or negative, will have serious effects on your mouth.

As mouth has a direct connection with the body, holistic dentists make it a point to sit down with their patients and gather as much information about their general health as possible.

Not just their dental health, but they consider each patient’s total well-being from their specific functional, cosmetic and health-related dental needs to their diet, lifestyle and their mental and emotional health as well.

They take all of their total body and wellness into consideration to determine the best approach for your dental health and overall well-being.

A holistic approach to dentistry ensures the use of treatment and therapies that cause the least disturbance to the immune system.

Holistic dentists are your regular dentists, but they are also skilled in using natural means of healing patients as naturopathy or acupuncture to enhance patients’ treatment.

Dentists in Delhi regularly advise and educate patients on how dentistry can influence and be influenced by our overall health. This includes the links between oral conditions such as gum disease and diabetes, cardiovascular health and pregnancy.

A holistic dentist may also touch on environmental, nutritional, physical and spiritual elements which can be influential in our lives in order to help support general health.

They believe that tooth decay and gum disease can be cured or prevented with proper nutrition. As gum cleanings are essential to good oral health, some holistic dentists often use natural antibacterial agents to minimize this risk.

This does not mean that they do not use many traditional methods when needed.

Views among holistic dentists may differ. Some holistic dentists state that mercury found in traditional amalgam fillings causes ill effects in the body so they use a composite resin that has also become common among dentists who do not describe themselves as holistic.

While some holistic dentists believe that it is insignificant as the scientific testing has shown that the amount of mercury absorbed from fillings is only in a small fraction.

They may advise and offer programs on preventive care that goes beyond practicing good oral hygiene to emphasize better nutrition, smoking cessation, and moderate alcohol consumption for their patients who consume alcoholic beverages.

Dentists in reputed dental clinics in Delhi believe in taking a holistic approach and giving our patients the best treatment possible.

Holistic dentists often use biocompatible materials and offer unconventional methods of helping patients to promote healing.

They may also offer alternatives for recovery and pain management e.g. doing a light massage over the face can help minimize trauma from the wisdom tooth removal.

Holistic dentistry are said to be the result of its incorporation of hypnosis, nutrition, aromatherapy and herbal medicine.


When hypnosis is used, patients are able to relax their bodies and minds by concentrating on suggestions of relaxation. The patient is fully aware of what is happening during their treatment and no drugs are used.

Dental clinics in India are employing specialist hypnotherapists to provide treatment that is highly effective without any harm or any side effects.


Holistic dentists believe that stress and tension are often linked to diet. Dietary excesses or deficiencies increase the body’s needs for essential vitamins and minerals.

Holistic dentist routinely educate the patients on the importance of nutrition on their dental health.


Aromatherapy uses the pure oil essences from plants and flowers that act as hormone-like stimulants to improve a patient’s health balance. It is used as they are natural and gentle, oils like lavender, sandalwood, and basil are beneficial in their power to soothe, relax, and calm.

Botanical medicine & herbal medicine

Holistic dentistry may use herbs to promote relaxation. The sedative properties of chamomile, limeflower, rosemary and many others are used in place of conventional drugs.

Holistic dentists may also incorporate acupuncture and physical therapy into their use of clinical dentistry.

Therefore, holistic dentistry stresses on the link between good oral health and our general well being and taking a more overall approach to oral health by focusing on the use of non-toxic restorative materials. It also gives emphasis on the unrecognized impact that toxic materials and dental infections may have on a person’s overall health.

Posted by- Dr Shriya