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Dental Implants-Part 2

Dental implants are typically made of titanium. It is evidence based and proven, that these are a safe and effective method of tooth replacement.It is effective, as it fuses with the jaw bone and integrates with it. Thus it forms a strong and sturdy base for the replacement teeth. Also it stabilises the bone. Dental Implants are of two types
1- Endosteal Implants– These implants are placed within the jaw bone. They are usually shaped in the form of cylinders or screws. They are the most commonly used implants.
2- Subperiosteal Implants-These are placed under the gum but above the jaw bone.They are used in patients, who don’t have enough height of the jaw bone, who cannot have bone built or don’t want to undergo the procedure to build it.
Implants can be A) standard or B) mini, depending on their size.
A– Standard implants are used for replacement of missing teeth in adults. The implant specialist usually keeps an inventory with different diameters and lengths of implants. Depending on the bone available, the corresponding implant is chosen .
B–  Mini implants are used

-for anchorage in braces

-for stabilization of dentures

-as support for temporary teeth , during comprehensive full mouth rehabilitation

– in areas of the mouth where bone is less

-in kids

1- As Good as Natural Teeth – Since dental implants fuse with the jaw bone, they form a sturdy and stable support system for the crowns. There is no danger of the teeth slipping . Since the implants have fused with the underlying bone, this is permanent and the strength of chewing is as good as natural teeth.
2- Long Term Solution for Missing Teeth – Dental implants can last almost a life time, if maintained well and if periodic adjustments are done. In case of bridges they have to be replaced after 7 to 10 years.Even dentures have a life span of 5 years.
3- Stabilise The Underlying Bone – Dental implants are the only solution for missing teeth which not only stabilise the underlying jaw bone, but stimulates the growth of new bone. When the natural jaw bone is not supporting a natural tooth it, starts deteriorating. Even under a conventional denture or the bridge (the pontics ie the replacement teeth) the jaw bone starts deteriorating.
4- Good Speech – With dental implants the speech is as good as with natural teeth. With removable dentures, there is an adjustment phase, when the patient practises speaking normally. Some alphabets and numbers are difficult to pronounce, till the patient gets used to the dentures.
5- Enjoy Eating Food -With the dental implants, one can enjoy eat anything, without any restrictions. The chewing capacity is as good as natural teeth, as the implants being fused to the bone, have strength comparable to the roots of natural teeth. The taste of the foods can be enjoyed to the maximum.
6- Maintain The Original Shape of The Face – When natural teeth are missing, the face tends to sag and give a dull, sunken look.The patient looks much older than he or she is. Dental implants help to maintain the natural shape of the face, restore the natural smile. Now the patient looks young, happy and healthy.
7- Conservative Approach, Maintaining The Health Of Natural Teeth – The most conservative approach to replace missing teeth is dental implants. In a bridge,grinding of the supporting teeth have to be done to allow the fixing of the bridge. The implant is put only where the tooth is missing in the jaw bone and the adjacent teeth are not touched.
8- Freedom From Cavities – Even a crown, with ill fitting margins can lead to decay/ a cavity, of the underlying tooth. In an implant with a supporting crown , decay/cavities cannot occur.
It is proven and evidence based, that contemporary dental implants are an effective and safe method to replace missing teeth. They have been used for 30 years now. The material of dental implants is titanium, which is biocompatibe material ie completely acceptable to the body. The dental implant fuses/ integrates with the jaw bone , through a process called osteo integration. Once the implant has fused well with the bone it forms a very sturdy and stable foundation for the crowns or replacement teeth.
The dental implant procedure/ surgery is, one of the safest and most predictable treatments , provided it is done by a trained expert. We, at ‘Smile Delhi-The Dental Clinic‘, have had a 98 percent success rate in the last 17 years for the dental implant treatment. This is because we can vouch for our expertise as well as implants being used.
Our Dental implants specialist is one of the three pioneers, who started doing implants in India. He does about 800 dental implants a year and we have had satisfied patients from across the globe in the last 17 years, that we have been doing all types of implant case. This includes , single tooth replacement, multiple teeth replacement, full mouth rehabilitation.
As far as the type of implants being used is concerned, we use Swedish or German, branded implants. There are many cheaper ones available, but we conform to global standards, instead of using cheaper options. For this reason, “Smile Delhi-The Dental Clinic has become a hub for dental implants in Delhi.
Any person with good medical health, whose jaw bone has fully formed and has a single, multiple or all teeth missing, either by birth or lost due to infection or disease like decay/ dental caries/ gum disease is a good candidate for dental implants. Dental implants are also the solution for people who want to replace old bridges or dentures.Any person looking for a long term solution for missing teeth should consider dental implants.

Posted By – Dr. Suprriya B. Bhatia