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Teeth Whitening vs Veneers

When you open your mouth to talk or smile, your teeth are one of the main focus points on your face and, you want people to see a gorgeous, sparkling white smile not discolored or chipped teeth.

But if your teeth are dull, stained, discolored, chipped or crooked, then you don’t have to live with a smile that you are embarrassed to show off.

The good news is that you aren’t necessarily stuck with a less than brilliant smile for good.

Luckily, because there are ways to restore your bright and healthy smile. Thanks to advances in cosmetic dentistry, people looking to enhance the look of their teeth have several options to explore.

There are some cosmetic dentistry techniques that have been designed to either remove or conceal such dental imperfections.

The ultimate goal of cosmetic dentistry is to enhance the appearance one’s smile.

If you have been looking for ways to enhance your smile, two of the more popular treatments involved are teeth whitening and veneers.

Although both treatments can deliver effective results, they are essentially different in terms of approach and end goal.

Most patients are interested in a beautiful smile, not just whiter teeth. The problem is they confuse whiteness with beauty until they see the results of whitening.

But often people don’t realize they want much more. They want the smiles of movie stars, and tend to focus solely on color rather than looking at the complete smile.

Perhaps this is because color is the most conspicuous component of a beautiful smile.

A study found that almost half of people believe a smile is the most memorable part about a person when they first meet.

Dentists in India, work closely with you to develop a treatment plan designed to achieve exactly what you want from your makeover.

Teeth whitening is a commonly performed cosmetic dentistry treatment that specifically targets tooth discoloration by removing staining and reversing the effects of routine staining.

Many people are embarrassed by the shade of their teeth and would love to have a whiter smile.

Whitening is a time efficient method of working towards the smile you want, only taking up an hour of your day and many patients are able to see visible results, even within a short period of time.

The effectiveness of whitening depends a lot on the nature of your teeth, as well any stains.

Dentists often prescribe take-home trays designed to further aid in the brightening process, to maximize the effect and prolong results.

Poor dental hygiene can inhibit whitening treatment. If you suffer from gum disease or tooth decay, you will first need to undergo corrective treatment before teeth whitening can be considered.

If you have deep tooth staining (intrinsic staining), you may not be able to achieve the results you are looking for with whitening

Whitening cannot correct all discoloration issues such as intrinsic staining (those associated with tetracycline) or fluorosis. In such cases, additional smile makeover treatments such as veneers will likely be needed.

The other popular method that can help you to achieve a brighter smile in a relatively short time involves the use of dental veneers.

Dental veneers are tooth-colored shells of porcelain or ceramic that fits over the top of the facial surfaces of the natural teeth to conceal or correct any dental flaws you may have, including worn tooth enamel, uneven alignment or spacing issues, discoloration, chips or cracks.

Veneers are an ultra-thin shells designed to blend seamlessly with the rest of your smile. They can not only give you a whiter, brighter set of teeth, but they can also create a straighter, even smile.

To make sure that these ceramic laminates can precisely cover your existing teeth, the dentist would need to remove an extremely thin layer of your teeth to make room for the veneers.

They can correct not only color, but the shape of your teeth for a more aesthetically pleasing smile and are very natural looking, in addition to being reasonably durable.

Porcelain veneers work well for people who have teeth that are chipped or uneven as well as being discolored.

Veneers can solve tooth problems that go beyond mere discoloration. They often change the entire look of a person’s smile, rather than simply making their teeth appear whiter.

Dental veneers are crafted for each patient individually, meaning that you can actually choose the shade and tone you want your teeth to eventually have.

Dental clinics in India are routinely doing cosmetic dentistry procedures such as smile makeovers with ceramic veneers and crowns and teeth whitening etc.

Tooth whitening does not give you this kind of flexibility. But if your issue is simply tooth discoloration, a dental veneer option may not be the best treatment for you.

Dental veneers are very stain resistant, meaning that the foods and drinks that will cause your tooth whitening treatment to fade will not affect your dental veneers.

Dental veneers can also last up to 20 years when properly maintained.

If you are looking for a total transformation of your smile, you may want to look into veneers.

Candidacy relies heavily on the health of the smile. If you have no underlying problems such as gum disease or decay, you stand a better chance of qualifying for veneer treatment.

Your dentist will always suggest the most conservative, minimally invasive option as a primary consideration.

Dentists in Delhi make sure that they do a complete a complete and thorough evaluation of your unique considerations to determine which option is right for you.

There is some esthetic overlapping between the two procedures in that both treat tooth discoloration, but veneers offer a series of additional benefits that whitening simply cannot.

Also consider that whitening is a temporary treatment as due to our habits like black tea, black coffee, red wine, smoking it tends to relapse whereas veneers can last 15 years or longer with proper care.

Although teeth whitening results may only last a few months before staining and discoloration returns, it nonetheless provides immediate, smile enhancing results.

For this reason, it is very popular for people looking for a short term smile makeover solution.

If your teeth are mildly discolored as a result of lifestyle habits like drinking or smoking, whitening treatment will be a good choice in lightening up your pearlies.

However, if your discoloration is more severe perhaps owing to genetics or medication, your dentist would recommend ceramic veneers instead.

The thin porcelain shells can help to conceal even extreme teeth discoloration when conservative cleaning or stain removal methods like whitening fail to do so.

Dental veneers can also be used effectively to mask other dental imperfections that mar the appearance of your smile, including crooked or misaligned teeth.

They are ideal for masking multiple aesthetic issues such as chips and cracks while brightening up your smile at the same time.

The end result with veneers is a beautiful long-lasting new smile and not simply whiter teeth.

Dental clinics in Delhi like ‘Smile Delhi-The Dental Clinic’ ensure that the dental treatment exceeds the patient’s expectations and that all patients leave with a smile on their face.


Posted by- Dr Shriya