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Specialist Centric Dental Practice

Why Do You Need To Go to A Specialist Centric Dental Practice?

A good oral health is important to maintain a healthy mouth, teeth and gums. It not only enhances your appearance but also adds to the quality of life.

A dental clinic or hospital is not a place where you just have your general dentist for the regular check-ups and cleaning. It is a place where several dental specialists who have expertise in their respective fields, work as a team. Just like for a heart problem you go to a cardiologist, similarly for a root canal you should visit a root canal specialist/ an endodontist. A dental specialist can provide better quality and precise treatment in his/her field as a result of specialised training they have received with respect to it.

Your dental health professionals’ team include:

  • Dental Specialist
  • General Dentist
  • Dental hygienist
  • Dental Assistant

Dental specialists are experts of their specific fields, which includes:

  1. Prosthodontist
  2. Implantologist
  3. Endodontist
  4. Orthodontist
  5. Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon
  6. Periodontist
  7. Pedodontist (kids’ specialist)

Together they can prevent you from many dental problems, that may cause a diminished quality of life and potential medical complications.

With every 6 monthly check-ups, the dental professionals can assess your current oral health and guide you with healthy habits to maintain it.

Complication of Poor Dental Health

Did you know that your oral cavity is literally the gateway to your complete body? The bacteria that infect your mouth can travel through the gums into your blood stream and cause infection of the various organs leading to heart attack, stroke, diabetes and numerous other serious conditions.

Good dental health is a combination of daily maintenance of teeth like (brushing, rinsing & flossing) along with regular visits to the best dental clinic in Delhi.

The best dentist in Delhi can help you decide how to address the problems which are brewing in your mouth. This is of significance as dental problems are silent for a very long time and damage precedes symptoms unlike medical problems.

Regular visits to your dentists help you maintain healthy teeth, gums and mouth and in turn the whole body.​​

Here is the list of dental experts, which would make you understand their field of expertise better:

General dentists:- They are trained professionals who help you in taking care of your teeth and mouth. As the name suggests they carry out the general/ initial procedures as follows:

  • Comprehensive check-up of gums and teeth
  • Dental x-rays
  • Drawing a comprehensive treatment plan on the basis of the above two and segregating treatments to be done by self and by the specialists
  • Deep Cleaning of gums and teeth
  • Counselling patients about dental hygiene
  • Filling cavities by removing decay from the teeth
  • Repairing or removing damaged teeth by administering local anaesthesia
  • Applying sealants in order to protect teeth from further decay
  • Checking the growth of teeth and jawbones
  • Professional teeth whitening and many more…

1. Prosthodontists (Smile makeover specialists):

They deal with the enhancement of your smile and replacement of your missing teeth. Prosthodontists specialise in restoring and replacing lost or damaged teeth by doing dental procedures such as porcelain/ ceramic veneers, porcelain/ ceramic crowns, bridges and dentures. They have a thorough understanding of everything that goes into a beautiful, functional and natural-looking smile.

Prosthodontists Before

Prosthodontist After

2. Implantologists (Dental implant specialists)

They deal with replacement of your missing teeth with dental implants. These are as good as the natural teeth with respect to the chewing capacity, looks and speech. Advantage of implants over conventional dentures(removable):

  • Chewing capacity of implants is relatively more than dentures
  • No resorption of the underlying jaw bone
  • No fear of restricted eating and speech
  • No multiple visits to the dentist
  • Fixed in your mouth like your natural tooth
  • Relatively less maintenance

Visit the dentist today to know more about complete rehabilitation of your mouth with all on 4 dental implants and all on 6 dental implants.

implants Before

Implant After

3. Endodontists (Root Canal specialists)

In a tooth there are canals that contain sensitive pulp, blood vessels, and nerves.

When a cavity penetrates deep into the third layer of your teeth containing nerves, after crossing the first two layers i.e., enamel and dentine it causes sudden acute pain. This is because it has infected the nerves. At this stage it becomes important to treat the infected nerves. This is called a root canal treatment. If this treatment is not done on time it results in a tooth abscess and finally leads to the extraction of the tooth.

Endodontist before

Endodontists After

What is a Tooth Abscess?

A tooth abscess is a pocket of pus caused by a bacterial infection. The abscess can occur in different regions of the tooth for different reasons.

A periapical abscess occurs at the tip of the root, whereas a periodontal abscess occurs in the gums at the side of a tooth root. A periapical dental abscess usually occurs as a result of an untreated dental cavity which has infected the nerve.

Signs and symptoms of a tooth abscess include:

  • Severe, persistent, throbbing toothache that can radiate to the jawbone, neck or ear
  • Sensitivity to hot and cold temperatures
  • Sensitivity to the pressure of chewing or biting
  • Fever
  • Swelling in your face or cheek
  • Tender, swollen lymph nodes under your jaw or in your neck
  • Sudden rush of foul-smelling and foul-tasting, salty fluid in your mouth and pain relief, if the abscess ruptures
  • Eventually leads to difficulty in swallowing and breathing

Endodontists specialise in saving your tooth by treating the nerve inside it, known as root canal treatment. They also treat a previously failed root canal and a tooth with abscess.

Now, there comes a question in everyone’s mind that do root canal hurt??

With technology backing dentistry, root canals have become both painless and can be completed in one sitting. This is routinely being done in one of the best dental clinics in Delhi i.e., ‘Smile Delhi-The Dental Clinic.’

4. Orthodontist (Teeth Alignment Specialist)

This dental speciality deals with the correction of positioning of your teeth and jaws. Orthodontist specialises in correction of your crooked, irregular or misaligned teeth, also position of the jaw. The treatment plan includes:

  • braces i.e. (ceramic self-ligating, metal self-ligating, conventional ceramic and metal braces)
  • transparent aligners
  • palatal expanders
  • headgear as part of your treatment plan
  • many more depending on the severity of jaw or teeth mal-alignment…

Orthodontic procedures can help people of all ages, to not only improve their appearance, but they also improve chewing, your personality, your smile, your speech problem and most importantly it helps in proper digestion of food.

Orthodontist Before

Orthodontist After

5. Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon

This dental specialty deals with problems related to the hard and soft tissues of your face, mouth and jaw. Oral and maxillofacial surgeons perform complex procedures or procedures requiring deep levels of sedation. In fact, oral surgeons are the only health care professionals, other than anaesthesiologists, who administer all levels of sedation. Oral Surgeon specialises in tooth extractions, impacted tooth extraction (wisdom tooth), corrective jaw surgery, cleft lip or cleft palate surgery and many more.

Oral Maxillofacial
Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon

6. Periodontist (Gum Specialist)

This dental speciality deals with treatment of gum problems. Periodontist specialises in the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of diseases affecting the gums and other structures that support the teeth. They recognize and treat gum diseases like pyorrhoea and perform minor surgeries of gum like gum grafts, gum contouring, gum depigmentation to resolve severe gum disease and restore the appearance of your smile.

Periodontist (Gum Specialist)

Periodontist - Gum Specialist

7. Paediatric Dentist (kids’ specialist)

This dental speciality deals with the treatment of children from age group 1- 14 years. Pedodontist specialises in treatment of a child’s oral health like a paediatrician is for their general health. They take care of children’s’ teeth from infancy through their teens. Thus, the paediatric dentist helps to maintain your child’s smile.

Most general dentists also treat children, but parents often choose a paediatric dental specialist for their children’s routine dental care because of their expertise in treating kids behaviour and age-specific knowledge. They provide routine care like examination of oral health, cleaning, and cavity fillings, but they are also great resources for kid-specific issues like thumb sucking, nail biting and many more. Paediatric dentists also specialize in diagnosis of oral conditions associated with diseases like childhood diabetes. This dental specialist monitors the development of your child’s smile and recommends other dental specialists, like orthodontists, when needed.

Paediatric Dentist (kids’ specialist)

Note: It is important to get a six-monthly dental check-up done.

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