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Implants By Intraoral Spot Welding

Dental implants are the best replacement for missing teeth.

They stabilize the underlying jaw bone , unlike the bridges and dentures .
Since they integrate with the jaw bone, they are able to take the chewing forces almost like the natural teeth.
The speech is also like the natural teeth with implant supported bridges and crowns. Dental implants are becoming popular in the, dental clinics in Delhi and in India. Dental implant treatment is routinely being done in our clinic, ‘Smile Delhi-The Dental Clinic’.

We have also been doing implant cases by the, ‘intra oral welding technique’. This makes it a one phase procedure and patients get immediate prosthesis on the same day of the surgery or within a few days.

Implants may fail because there may be micro motion during the phase of bone healing. This is especially true in case the bone, in which the implants are placed is deficient ie atropic ridges. So the primary stabilization of implants in the bone is an important goal. If the proper fixation and stabilization of implants can be achieved, then we can go ahead with the immediate loading and oral rehabilitation with an implant supported over denture, on the same day of surgery. Thanks to the technique of welding the implant abutments with titanium bars, this has now become possible. The procedure can be performed directly in the mouth. The advantage is, that it eliminates the possibility of errors or distortions due to the impression.

The rigid splinting of the implant abutments, reduces the stress exerted on the implants.

The splinting of the abutments, which is done before the immediate loading results in the retention of the implants.

The method consists of either welding a titanium bar or a wire to the abutments of these implants.

Once the implants have achieved the stability and retention, we can load them with crowns/ bridges or over dentures.

There are lesser implant fractures and increased success of the implants.

There are few dental clinics in Delhi which are doing the intra oral welding of the implants.

The culture at ‘Smile Delhi-The Dental Clinic’ is, that we incorporate the latest techniques and the treatment modalities for our patients. The main rationale of any treatment including dental implant treatment is, that we add as much ‘value’ to their treatment, as is possible. This means ensuring success for the longevity of the treatment, with minimum discomfort to the patient and consuming minimum time.

So if there is a case of complete rehabilitation ie the patient has no teeth in the mouth, from the start to the finish of the treatment only a week is needed. First, the bite of the jaws is recorded. Then any extractions that need to be done are done and the implants are inserted in the jaw bones. Usually six implants in each arch are put. At this stage any curettage/ cleaning of the gums is done simultaneously. Once the implants are inserted the intra oral welding of the abutments is done. After this the hybrid denture prosthesis is fabricated and fixed in the mouth.

This is a stabilized prosthesis which helps in the chewing and proper speaking for the patients along with the look being natural and pleasing. The discomfort due to the movement and clicking of the dentures is avoided here.


Posted By – Dr. Suprriya B. Bhatia