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Pregnancy And Oral Health

Dentists in Delhi especially in our clinic, ‘Smile Delhi-The Dental Clinic’, take extra care to treat pregnant ladies.

There are some changes that occur in the oral health during pregnancy.

One of these changes is ‘pregnancy gingivitis’. It occurs as a result of increase in the hormone levels in the body of the to be mother ie estrogen and progesterone. Due to the increased levels of hormones, the response of the gums to plaque (a sticky layer of bacteria and food debris found on the teeth surface) is exaggerated. This leads to the inflammation of gums and results in a condition called pregnancy gingivitis. If the lady already has gingivitis before pregnancy, this condition can worsen and lead to periodontitis.

It is thus important for the pregnant mother to undergo a thorough cleaning of the gums during pregnancy.

Routine cleaning can be done in the first trimester. In fact it’s a good idea to get a dental checkup and cleaning done in advance, especially if one is planning to get pregnant. The dentists in Delhi, advise pregnant women to do a visit every trimester to the dental clinic, just to check if a gum cleaning is needed again.

Research has shown some link between gum disease and low birth weight preterm babies. Bacteria can travel through the blood stream and reach the uterus. There they trigger the release of chemicals called prostaglandins, which are suspected to induce labour.

For any other dental work the second trimester is ideal, as in the first trimester organs are being formed in the baby.

Local Anaesthetics can be safely administered in pregnancy. However sedation through nitrous oxide and drugs like diazepam is avoidable. General anaesthesia is also avoidable during pregnancy.

Elective treatment like crowns and bridges can wait till the baby has been delivered. However root canals, fillings and extractions should be done in the second trimester. If not done the infection tends to spread and chances of the developing baby being harmed are more. If painkillers need to be given plain paracetamol is the safest. If antibiotics are to be given, the safe ones are Amoxcillin, Ampicillin, Clindamycin, Erythromycin, Penicillin, Nitrofurnatoin

Digital xrays with minimal exposure to radiation are safe for the pregnant lady.

Pregnancy tumors, may develop in women who are expecting. These are are inflammatory benign gum growths, which develop when the swollen gums are irritated. Normally these tumors shrink after the delivery of the baby. However if these tumors become big and interfere with the cleaning and oral hygiene procedures they should be removed.

It’s a myth that calcium is depleted from the mother’s teeth during pregnancy. The calcium which the developing baby needs is provided by the diet the mother takes. The mothers diet should include

  •  lots of green leafy vegetables
  •  dairy products
  •  any calcium supplements which your obstetrician may prescribe

If the mother is not taking adequate calcium supplements, the calcium reserves from the mother’s bones may be depleted.

Dentists in Delhi, especially in reputed clinics like, Smile Delhi- The Dental Clinic, (which conform to global standards) are routinely treating pregnant ladies. Keeping all the precautions in mind, the dentists in Delhi, are contributing to the dental and general health of the expecting mothers.

Posted By – Dr. Suprriya B. Bhatia