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How Does Kissing Benefit Your Health?

Kissing burns calories! A well-known fact, But do you think is kissing just about burning calories?

Isn’t it an emotion or a way of expressing your love for someone?

Kissing is beneficial for not only your oral health but also your overall health. Endorphins are released when we kiss and that is good for every single part of your body. It burns calories, exercises your facial muscles, and releases tension. Kissing even boosts your immune system.

Kissing is like a treadmill for your face.

Do you remember your first kiss? Some may say it was ‘Perfect’, some would say it was ‘Magical’ some will be lost in thoughts as to how wonderful it was. It is a memory that stays with a person forever.

But are you Aware that Kissing can affect your Oral Health?

Medical and dental researchers know these benefits may be more important, health-wise, than you might think.

Kissing is the nature’s natural cleansing process. Kissing stimulates salivary flow which washes out the mouth and helps remove the cavity-causing food particles that accumulate between the teeth after eating. Saliva’s mineral ions can even promote repair of small lesions in tooth enamel.

The saliva that protects your teeth also acts as a highway for all kinds of bacteria and viruses, including the bacteria that lead to tooth decay and gum disease.

It is good to express your love but at the same time it is important to be cautious about its affects. It can have both positive and negative implications.

The healthy dental implications of kissing are:

  • Good for Teeth – Kissing involves exchange of many healthy bacteria. The salivary flow uses the self-cleansing mechanism to wash away food and other particles from surface of your teeth. Moreover the saliva contains mineral ions which protects teeth from dental decay and neutralizes acids. Saliva is an important part of a healthy mouth. Not only does it keep your teeth spotless, but it also neutralizes harmful acids from citrus fruits and other foods. As an added bonus, saliva also helps with digestion, and even makes speaking easier by lubricating oral tissues.
  • Fewer Cavities – More saliva is produced by salivary glands during a kiss which fights off bacteria, viruses and fungi. It leads to less tooth erosion .As a result your dentist will find less cavities in your mouth.
  • Protects tooth enamel – A passionate kissing rebuilds the minerals in your tooth enamel as the saliva contains mineral salts which protect your teeth from erosion and cavities.
  • Healthier cheeks and gums – Increased flow of saliva can do wonders for your oral health. It helps your cheeks and gums to heal quicker than skin. This is because it contains proteins which trigger the formation of blood vessels which boosts the healing process of your mouth.
  • Better immune system – A quick 10 second kiss can transfer as many as 80 million bacteria to your partner which boosts your immune system keeping you fit and healthy. These bacteria help build resistances to infections and diseases that can come later in life, and not just for your mouth.
  • Other health benefits – Kissing releases hormones called Endorphins (the body’s feel-good chemicals) which burn calories, help exercise facial muscles and release tension. Researchers say that you use your 30 muscles while kissing which keep your cheeks firm and prevent them from sagging. Scientific reports say that kissing increases the levels of oxytocin which is the body’s natural calming chemical and helps you to feel more relaxed.

This is really healthy. One might think that they should kiss more often. But wait and think about the question that was asked in the beginning. “Remember your first kiss?” Now imagine, your first kiss, you felt really good but later you complained about infection. You probably never thought that the infection was a result of kissing.

Kissing can also be hazardous. We thought that there are only benefits attached to it and so were happy. But it can have some serious implications attached:

  • Herpes from kissing – The saliva which had many healthy bacterias can also be the reason of spreading viruses. It spreads Herpes infection virus which results in cold sores or blisters on the lips, around your mouth or even inside your mouth.
  • Develops gum disease – If transferring 80 million bacteria boosts your immune system, then the same bacteria’s can be the cause of periodontitis. If your partner is suffering from gum disease there are chances that you too get affected by it.
  • Virus Spread – There are many viruses that can be spread by kissing such as common cold, hepatitis B, flu, viral meningitis, upper respiratory infections etc.
    Confused? Yes that’s quite obvious. One might think, whether they should kiss or not. Do not worry !just a few precautions and you are all fit for kissing.

You might not even get affected by any of the above implications if you some simple steps:

  • Do not kiss when you or your partner is sick.
  • Know a little about your partner’s oral health.
  • Try and maintain a good oral hygiene, brush twice a day, floss and rinse your mouth regularly.
  • Do not kiss when your partner or you have cold sores or ulcers on your lips.
  • Keep your mouth rinsed by drinking plenty of water to increase the flow of saliva.
  • Try chewing xylitol gum as it prevents bacteria from sticking to your teeth.
  • Visit your dentist regularly for a complete dental check-up.

Keep up on your Oral Hygiene

Of course, it takes more than a good-night kiss to protect your teeth– keep up your daily dental hygiene regimen. Always brush and floss before going to bed, since sleep slows the production of saliva.

Make sure bacteria do have any chance to colonize by brushing at least twice a day for at least two minutes. Brushing after meals is good but just do not over brush or brush too hard as it can damage your gums and erode your enamel.

Be regular with the scheduled cleanings at the dental office.

Health is the most valuable gift you can give to your loved ones.

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Posted By – Dr. Sonam