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Giving Up Smoking Linked To Greater Happiness

Last month, we did a case of zoom whitening in our clinic. The patient was a smoker.

We started, with checking the current shade of his teeth on the vita shade guide. This was followed by the cleaning and polishing of his teeth.In this procedure, the ultrasonic cleaning of his teeth and gums, flossing and polishing.was done. Immediately after cleaning we proceeded with the, ”Zoom Advanced Bleaching” . The process involved, isolating the soft tissues of his mouth ie lips, cheeks, gums so that the bleach material did not touch these areas.  Running the three , 15 minute cycles of  the zoom advanced light did wonders to the patient”s teeth. There was an improvement of 8 shades on the vita shade guide. The patient was comfortable through the procedure except some sensitivity.  The patient loved his new smile. Though I was happy for the patient , I was a bit skeptical, as I was scared of relapse, since he was a smoker.

I called the patient for a weekly follow-up . Having done the weekly follow up 4 times, I observed  to my utmost surprise and happiness, he had managed to maintain his new smile perfectly. This was because he was so happy with his new smile and felt so healthy in his mouth that he quit his smoking habit. I thanked God for having contributed to this patient”s life constructively and prayed he never goes back to smoking.

Posted By – Dr. Suprriya B. Bhatia