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Flexible Dentures: Light and Unbreakable

A partial denture is used when one or more natural teeth are missing in the upper or lower jaw.

Traditionally, removable partial dentures were fabricated from a metal base designed to replace missing teeth in partially edentulous patients (patients who have lost some of their natural teeth). It was long thought that removable partial dentures had to be rigid to be effective.

But innovation is often inspired by the need to make improvements and breakthroughs in modern dentistry now allow removable partial dentures to be flexible and more esthetically pleasing than traditional dentures. Flexible partial dentures help in improving the esthetic and functional appearance of your mouth.

The flexible partial dentures are stain- and odour-resistant, very thin, and virtually unbreakable. It offers the benefits of superior esthetics, comfort, function and bio-compatibility.

Flexible partial dentures blend with the tissue in your mouth so that the only thing that shows is your beautiful smile and by using a flexible base, it can adapt to the constant movement and flexibility in your mouth.

Dentists in Delhi and Dentists in India are regularly doing treatments for the replacement of missing teeth.

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Flexible partials have invisible clasps that surround the natural teeth. Flexible denture material blends right in with the natural color of the tissue in your mouth so no one will come to know you are wearing it. It also has the following benefits-

Make it easier to chew and speak
Maintain the shape of your face
Ease the stress of your bite
Prevent your teeth from shifting

The innovation of the flexible partial dentures paved the way for a new type of partial denture, which provides excellent aesthetics and comfort for patients who prefer to wear a removable denture.

The light weight and inherent flexibility of these flexible partial dentures makes the adjustment period easy. So most patients can become accustomed to their new denture immediately.

Dentist in Delhi do a systematic follow up of the patients with removable dentures in case you experience any irritation with the appliance and to check and make necessary adjustments.

How to Care for Your Flexible Partial Denture

Like your natural teeth and gums, flexible partial dentures also require care and good oral hygiene.

  • Clean your denture regularly as you would clean your teeth as flexible dentures are held in place by little projections that fit into the areas between the teeth and gums. This can trap food and bacteria on the teeth at the gum line. This will help prevent gingivitis (inflammation of the gums) and tooth decay.
  • It’s very important to rinse your denture periodically after eating to practice regular and optimal oral hygiene. Loose food particles can be removed by placing the appliance under running water.
  • When the dentures are not worn, keep them in water or denture cleaner to keep the surface hydrated.
  • They should never be worn overnight, when salivary flow is reduced, making the mouth dry and the potential for bacterial buildup worse.
  • Remember to brush your natural teeth and gums regularly as directed by your dentist.

If cost is your primary consideration, flexible removable partial dentures are the more affordable solution, and the results can look totally natural.

Dentists in dental clinics in Delhi can help you assess the choices in light of your clinical needs and personal preferences for the replacement of your missing teeth.

Posted by- Dr Suprriya and Dr Shriya