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One-Visit Dental Implants: Instantly Restore Your Smile
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Dental Implants and Fixed Teeth In Just One Visit

The ‘intra oral welding technique’ of dental implants is a one phase procedure and patients get immediate prosthesis on the same day of the surgery or within a few days.

Sometimes immediate implant rehabilitation may be somewhat problematic because of anatomic situations involving insufficient bone thickness or height and tooth position.

Dental implants may fail due to micromotion and stress exerted on implants during the healing phase.

Improved primary stability can be achieved via welding titanium bars on implant abutments directly in the mouth, in a technique known as intraoral welding.

The primary stabilization and fixation of implants are an important goal that can also allow immediate loading and oral rehabilitation on the same day of surgery.

Thanks to the technique of welding titanium bars on implant abutments, this goal may be achieved.

The method consists in welding a titanium bar directly to the abutments in the oral cavity before the immediate loading.

This technique allows an intraoral welding unit to join and stabilize implants to break down forces applied on provisional restorations during healing and integration with the bone and immediate provisionalization.

The provisional prosthesis can be changed to porcelain fused to metal crowns or all porcelain zirconia crowns after 3 to 5 years.

Dental implant specialists in Delhi are doing a very efficient job of doing the replacement of missing teeth with intraoral welding technique of dental implants.

The most recent data shows long-term success and high predictability of intraorally welded titanium bar in immediate loading implants.

The technique of welding portions of intraoral prosthesis has many advantages.

The main advantage of intraoral welding consists in placing definitive restoration on the same day of surgery, or few days later.

Dental clinics in Delhi ensure that our patients never go without teeth and are able to carry on with their lives as normal.

The rigid fixation reduces the mechanical stress exerted onDr Suprriya and each implant and prevents the risk of micro movements in relation to the surrounding bone.


  1. Primary stability and immobility of implants in the early stage of healing
  2. Reduced of treatment time for immediate temporization at stage one surgery
  3. Longer durability of the prosthetic frame work

The main rationale of any treatment including dental implant treatment is that we add as much ‘value’ to their treatment, as is possible. This means ensuring success for the longevity of the treatment, with minimum discomfort to the patient and consuming minimum time.

Dentists in Delhi appreciate our patient’s busy lives and aim to minimize disruption to day to day life.

Therefore, intraoral welding stabilization is very effective and allow immediate loading in augmented areas during healing time and to stabilize dental implants against nonaxial forces, thereby reducing the number of surgical and prosthetic sessions.

Along with the look being natural and pleasing, this makes patient comfortable and accustomed to immediate fixed provisional and definitive restorations helping you enjoy the pleasures of eating.


Posted By – Dr Shriya