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7 Questions Before Getting Dental Implants

Loose or missing teeth can cause you to lose confidence and reduce your capacity to enjoy life.

Dental implants are commonly used to replace a broken tooth or a tooth with extensive decay that cannot be restored with a root canal or crown.

When a lost tooth is not replaced, it can lead to problems with chewing and speaking. It can also cause the jawbone to deteriorate faster. This deterioration increases the risk of gum disease and tooth decay.

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In this blog we will help you with the quick 7 questions to ask your dentist before getting an implant, to find out whether it’s the best dental treatment option for you.

1. What Happens if a Missing Tooth is Not Replaced?

When a tooth is lost and not replaced, the neighboring teeth move into the vacant space of the missing tooth; the opposing tooth (of the other arch/jaw) supraerupts into this space. Thus the teeth become malaligned. This increases the risk of decay and gum disease and the loss of neighboring teeth. So people experience difficulty in chewing food and the underlying jawbone deteriorates faster.

2. Why is Dental Implant the Best Replacement for the Missing Tooth?

Dental implants are modern dentistry’s best option for replacing missing teeth. They are the closest to a natural tooth, as far as looks, chewing capacity and phonetics (how we speak ) is concerned. A dental implant is designed to fill in space for a missing tooth that feels and functions just as a normal tooth. After a tooth is pulled and the oral tissue heals, an implant screw, made of titanium, is inserted into the jawbone which acts as an artificial root.

These artificial roots become part of the jawbone and help maintain its health. Once the screw adheres to the bone, a crown is placed which looks similar to other teeth.

Titanium implants which were invented over 40 years ago have significantly improved dental treatments nowadays. Previously, dentists replaced a missing tooth with a partial denture or a bridge, by taking the support of the neighboring teeth. While both options still are used today, dentures and bridges can be uncomfortable, there is continuous resorption of the underlying bone, and requires periodic replacement.

Dental implants are one of the safest, conservative and most effective dental procedures available today. They are the only replacements that stabilize the underlying bone and the chewing capacity is 90 percent of the natural teeth.

3. What You Need to Ask Regarding the Implant Surgeon?

Most of the patients are afraid of asking about their doctor’s credentials.

Today, most Dentists in Delhi who place dental implants have not had adequate specialized dental school training to do so. However, the dentists who have had specialized training to place dental implants have undergone 3 – 4 additional years of training after completing 4 years of dental school.

This enables them to be competent in the surgical placement of dental implants and to prevent complications associated with them.

Before scheduling an implant procedure, find out the dentist’s experience, such as: What is their training with implants? How many patients have they treated with dental implants?

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4. How Long Do Implants Last?

If your implants are placed by an implant specialist, following the proper protocol under proper sterilization the implant should last you many many years. The global branded companies provide a lifetime warranty for their implants. There are many factors that are taken into consideration in the surgical placement of dental implants, their restoration, and maintenance.

Implants today are made of newer materials and designed to fit better, so the jawbone heals faster. They often last a lifetime for patients who brush twice a day regularly, floss and follow the dental recommendations made at their check-ups. While the dentist cannot guarantee the long-term success of a dental implant, the dentist can provide guidelines and suggestions to better care for your teeth.

These suggestions are based on proper hygiene procedures, your own genetic history (including diseases that run in your family), your medical history and your nutritional habits. By following the recommendations given by your dentist you can ensure that the implant has the best chance to last the rest of your lifetime.

5. How Long Does the Entire Process Take?

The dental implant is a two-phase procedure. In the first phase, the implants are placed and in the second phase which is any time after 3-6 months’ time the crown is placed on the implant.

Placing a single implant takes around 30 minutes, but it takes between three and six months for the implant to integrate with the jaw bone. Once the implant site has healed, a crown or artificial tooth is fitted over the implant between 3-6 months.

6. Is Dental Implant Surgery Painful?

The implant surgery is performed under local anesthesia and there is no pain during the procedure. Once the implant surgery is completed the patient has prescribed medication.

You may experience some degree of pain or discomfort after surgery, which you can manage with pain medication suggested by your dentist. The discomfort usually settles down within 3-5 days.

7. Does an Implant Require Special Care?

Implants require the same care that your natural teeth need. Scheduling regular checkups, proper oral hygiene, and a nutritious diet are the best ways to ensure your dental implant lasts a lifetime.

Flossing every day is also critical to keep your dental implant healthy. Most tooth decay and loss occur because patients do not brush post meals, do not properly / regularly floss, resulting in gum decay and disease.

Broken or missing teeth are more than a minor inconvenience. Dental implants have become the best option for tooth replacement.

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