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Syncope Management In A Dental Clinic

A medical emergency in the dental office may be an unexpected event. Any dental professional can encounter an emergency during the course of their treatment. Every dental specialist should have the knowledge to identify and manage a potentially life-threatening situation. The ultimate goal in the management of all emergencies is the preservation of life. An

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Warning Signs Of Stuck Wisdom Teeth

Warning Signs Of Stuck Wisdom Teeth

You may wonder why we have wisdom teeth if we don’t really need them. The truth is we don’t really need them, which is why dentists often recommend wisdom teeth extraction to prevent wisdom teeth infection. They are set deep inside the mouth and some individuals may not have enough room in their jaws for

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Are You Confused Between An Implant Or A Bridge?

Sometimes it’s impossible to avoid the loss of a tooth. Accidents, injuries and gum disease can lead to unavoidable tooth loss. In rare cases, individuals can also genetically fail to develop all of their permanent teeth. When it comes to replacing missing teeth, two popular treatment options used to replace missing teeth are dental implants

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