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Why Is It Important To Replace Missing Teeth

Your teeth play a crucial role in the structure of your mouth and in relation to the other teeth. Every day we see patients that have missing teeth. Sometimes they are teeth that have been recently extracted.  Other times they have been missing for years. When it comes to missing teeth, the repercussions can extend far

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Did You Know Gold Is The Best Choice For Your Mouth?

Gold is the best material for filling and restoring teeth. It fits the tooth more accurately than any other material. It is mainly used in areas where there is limited space and in cases of bruxism. It is a wonderful choice if esthetics is not a concern. When the term “Gold” is used in dentistry,

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All You Need To Know About Dental Cavities

Cavities are another name for tooth decay. Tooth decay is a serious dental issue that harms the teeth, creating a hole in the tooth surface. First, for a tooth to be susceptible to decay, the bacteria must adhere themselves to the tooth. When you eat something, bacteria in your mouth break it down into simple

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