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….Dr. Suprriya is a very nice, patient + professional dentist who makes one feel comfortable instantly…..

Smile Delhi – The Dental Clinic, a leading dental clinic in Delhi



Get “Comprehensive Dental Care” through experienced dentists at “Smile Delhi–The Dental Clinic”, located centrally in New Delhi in India.


Smile Delhi-The Dental Clinic, is a multispeciality dental clinic in Delhi, India. It is located in the heart of south Delhi, in the quiet and leafy neighbourhood of New Friends Colony. It is the one of the best dental clinics in south Delhi.


This multi specialty dental clinic is ISO 9001:2008 certified. The practice is headed by Dr Suprriya B Bhatia, BDS, MRSH(UK), MFDI(UK). With an experience of 16 years she is one of the best Dentists in South Delhi and also a well reputed dentist in Delhi. She leads a team of seven visiting consultant dentists, this team of the best dentist in delhi is specializing in each branch of dentistry.


They are


1) Oral Surgeon for wisdom teeth extraction, small surgeries of the mouth like tumours, cancers, cyst removals, fractures of the jaw etc.

2) Implant specialist for replacement of missing teeth with implants which may be either single implants, implant supported bridges or full mouth rehabilitation with implants.

3) Prosthodontist for replacing missing teeth with bridges, partial dentures, full dentures etc. and crowns for broken teeth or teeth with root canal treatment. The crowns can be all ceramic metal free crowns or porcelain fused to metal crowns or gold.

4) Endodontist for root canals, post and core, apicoectomies etc.

5) Cosmetic dentist for smile makeovers with ceramic veneers or composite veneers and crowns.

6) Orthodontist for treating malalligned, protruding or spaced teeth with braces which could be steel braces, ceramic braces, lingual braces, invisallign.

7) Pedodontist for treating kids teeth involving treatments like fluoride treatments, pit and fissure sealants habit breaking appliances.


The Best dental clinic in Delhi conforms to global standards with respect to,

- State of the Art equipment
- World class material.
- Updated expertise.


It’s team of dedicated and dynamic Dentists in Delhi are committed to,


- Treating patients with personalized care and compassion.
- Keeping themselves abreast with the latest trends & techniques, by regularly attending conferences, courses and continuing education programs.


Smile Delhi-The Dental Clinic, is one of the best dental clinic in Delhi, it has won several accolades including the prestigious, “Highly Recommended clinic of the Year” award at an awards ceremony held in Mumbai in December 2013. This was a pan India competition.


2014 marked Smile Delhi – The dental clinic Delhi receiving the “Best Upcoming Multi-Speciality Dental Clinic in south Delhi” and “Best Multispeciality Dental Practice in Delhi and NCR“, by the “Indian Association Of Entrepreneurs and Service Providers“.


Dentistry has been practiced since 7000 BC. It finds its roots in the Indus Valley Civilization. Dental problems have always been a matter of concern for patients. Improper, oral hygiene and eating habits are the major causes of various dental problems. Fortunately dentistry has technologically advanced over the last few decades. Sophisticated equipment and materials and improved treatment techniques, have helped to treat patients with minimal pain.


This modernization has brought dentists and patients closer allowing them to overcome the fear of dental treatment. India has become the hub of some of dental tourism. With minimal treatment cost, world class dental materials and expertise of global standards, India is the first choice of patients looking for cost effective quality dental treatment outside their country.

Teeth are the first thing noticed by a person one is interacting with, a person with a dazzling smile leaves an everlasting impression on others. Modern Dentistry has advanced to a new level and nearly all oral problems are treated now, giving one the smile one always desired. So why suffer from crooked, broken, stained teeth and other dental problems? Come to “Smile Delhi” The best dental clinic in Delhi, Our team of skilled Dentist in Delhi provides the right solution for your oral health problem.


Smile Delhi – The Dental Clinic, is one of the best dental Clinic in South Delhi, patients are treated with great care and compassion the experienced dentists in Delhi. An undivided attention goes to understanding and providing a permanent solution for ones dental problems.


As one of the Best Dental Clinic in Delhi, we provide quality dental treatment through the team of Best dentist in South Delhi. even the most advanced treatments like full mouth rehabilitation with dental implants and one sitting root canal etc are done by best dentists in Delhi with ease. If you have any query regarding your dental problem at all, feel free to contact “Smile Delhi”, As a best dental Clinic in Delhi Our team of Best dentist in delhi is happy to answer your questions.