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How To Get Your Dream Smile In Just 4 Days

When I got my dream smile, my life turned around. From an under confident, depressed teenager, I became a happy, young lady who felt like a million dollars and I started loving life. Based on the huge value my new smile gave my life, I decided to add the same to other people’s lives by becoming a dentist. For the last 18 years, my team of specialists and I, at ‘Smile Delhi’ have  delighted thousands of patients from 56 countries by giving them their own dream smile….Dr Suprriya

The most effective method of transforming  a smile is through ceramic veneers and crowns. India does not manufacture any dental material, so we use the best ceramic available worldwide. We use Emax ceramic veneers and crowns. One must understand that covering the teeth with ceramic veneers or crowns is not just about beautifying them, but also protecting them as they get reinforced, especially if they are aged teeth.

It is a very conservative approach, as the amount of grinding is just 0.5 to 1 mm on the tooth. The impression is done on day 1 (it takes about one to one and a half hours) and the  fitting of the crowns and veneers is done on day 4 (which takes about 1 hour). In the interim period between the two sittings temporary crowns/ veneers are fitted.   It is a completely safe procedure and the integrity and strength of the teeth are maintained. These crowns / veneers last as long as the underlying natural teeth are intact. Thanks to the latest materials and equipment, in just 4 days a person’s life can be turned around.

Here is what some of our patients had to say, about their experience, when they got their smile makeovers at Smile Delhi.

Love and Peace, Alla Lu Russia, 16.10.2013.

“ Namaste.I want to say a big THANKS for all great team of Smile Delhi !!! First time i came here to make the root canal treatment, but the dream to change the smile was for many years with me so i checked the prices and came back after 4 months. Now after all work done i have the smile of my dream !!!. This clinic is very professional and they use only best materials !. After many years i have a correct bite which is so important for symmetric of face !!!. I choose SMILE DELHI and I highly recommend it to everyone.”

Belle De Zutter. Edmonton, Alberta Canada 13.4.2011

“Thank You so much for your incredible professionalism. You are truly a fantastic dentist + a lovely lady. I loved how you were so quick, in your email responses back to me when i was looking into getting porcelain veneers back in Canada. Always the professional. I LOVE my new teeth + Smile. I have the Hollywood teeth that i so wanted. I would highly recommend you to my friends + family when they travel to Delhi. If you come to Canada at any time look me up.”
Thanks again. Always your canadian friend,

Ali Plowright, UK. April 2012

Thank you so much for holding my hand through such a fearful process for me.I love my white smile and my crowns are setting down well. Very compassionate, caring and always end of phone ! Would recommend very highly.
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