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All-Ceramic Crowns

All-ceramic or all-porcelain crowns provide the best natural colour and they are the top quality crowns worldwide. Purely made of ceramic, which is translucent, these crowns are very life-like and blend well with the rest of your natural teeth. They have the ability to replicate both the form and function of natural teeth.

  • All ceramic crowns are constructed using computer technology, e.g. CAD/CAM technology which is based upon 3D design.
  • Apart from super aesthetics, these crowns are valued for their metal-friendly characteristic. Patients who have metal-compatibility issues, will face no risk of an allergic reaction or sensitivity to hot or cold foods.
  • The average life of a crown is around 10 years. The most important factor affecting the lifespan of any restorative treatment is oral hygiene of the patient.

 At ‘Smile Delhi-The Dental Clinic’ the all-ceramic crowns which were done in the first year have lasted till  this current year, i.e. year 2018.

There are two types of ceramic crown:

  • Zirconia- These crowns are high on strength and are ideally used for back teeth.
  • E-Max- These crowns are high on aesthetics and are ideally used for front teeth.