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From No Teeth to Fixed Teeth in just 1 week by Intra-Oral Welding Method

We have also been doing implant cases by the ‘Intra-oral welding technique (The Weld One Concept)’. This makes it a one phase procedure and patients get immediate teeth within a few days.

Implants may occasionally fail because there may be micromotion during the phase of bone healing. This is especially true in cases where the bone is deficient ie; atrophic ridges. So the primary stabilization of implants in the bone is most important.

When proper fixation and stabilization of implants can be achieved, we go ahead with the immediate loading and oral rehabilitation with an implant supported overdenture, within 3 days after surgery. Thanks to the technique of welding, the implant abutments with titanium bars is now possible.

  • The procedure can be performed directly in the mouth.
  • It eliminates the possibility of errors or distortions due to the impression.
  • The rigid splinting of the implant abutments, reduces the stress exerted on the implants.
  • The splinting of the abutments, which is done before the immediate loading, helps retain the implants.
  • The method consists of either welding a titanium bar or a wire to the abutments of these implants.
  • There are lesser implant fractures and increased success of the implants.

Once the implants have achieved the stability and retention, we can load them with crowns/ bridges or overdentures.

There are very few dental clinics in Delhi that are doing the intra oral welding of the implants.

Here is what some of our patients had to say, about their experience, when they got their smile makeovers at Smile Delhi.

V. K. Gauba, New Delhi-110048

My family and i, have been patients of Dr Suprriya for almost 10 years. We have been satisfied with the services provided by her and her team of experts. I was given a set of upper and lower dentures about 2 and a half years back. They were light and well fitting. I tried my best but could not get used to these dentures. The foreign body feeling was too much. Plus there wasn’t any fun in chewing food as the biting power of removable dentures was very less compared to natural teeth. I finally gave up on my dentures and requested Dr. Suprriya for an alternative solution. She said we could do implants. In fact i was lucky , because now they had started a new system of doing implants(in addition to the conventional one). This new system was called the,’intra oral welding method’. 6 German implants were put in my upper jaw on day 1. On day 2, the intra oral welding procedure was done and then 12 fixed teeth were put on these implants. So in 2 days i went from no teeth in my upper jaw to a full compliment of fixed teeth. After a week, I got 6 implants put in my lower jaw ie on day 8. On day 9, the intra oral welding of the lower implants was done followed by the fixed teeth placement. I felt very good about myself and younger and healthier with these fixed teeth in my mouth. Psychologically i was completely upbeat. For 3 months i had to eat soft food. After 3 months i was eating everything including nuts and dry fruits. These felt as good as my natural teeth in terms of look, speech and chewing power. Not only have i been enjoying eating, but my whole health has improved due to proper chewing of food. The big advantage of this method is that there is no waiting period between the implant phase and the fixed teeth phase. I would recommend this to anyone considering implants. There are very few dentists doing this advanced method of treatment in India. However, you can go to Smile Delhi and rest assured that you will experience their mission in action ie. they are ‘adding value to health by providing beautiful healthy smiles through highest quality dentistry with personalised care’. The surgeon was an expert and i hardly had to take any painkillers during this procedure.

Rani Saund, UK, England - 2nd may 2016

Thank you very much Dr. Suprriya for wonderful treatment for implants+bridge+giving me my Smile back. This has made me feel very positive about myself. I will recommend your place to my friends + family anytime. Had very professional+ excellent experience.