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Teeth and Tobacco

Smoking is very common. In fact it is one of the most prevalent addictions in the world. Smoking leads to many dental problems. These include, A-Discoloration of teeth B-Halitosis/ bad breath-This is caused by the smoke particles which are left in the throat and the lungs. The smell of a freshly smoked cigarette can linger

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Bad Breath/ Halitosis

  Halitosis/ bad breath from the mouth is a common condition seen in almost 50 percent of the adult population. It is very embarrassing because many times the person himself is unaware and another person points it out. Bad breath can be periodic or persistent.   It can be caused by   1- EXTERNAL FACTORS

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Pregnancy And Oral Health

  Dentists in Delhi especially in our clinic, ‘Smile Delhi-The Dental Clinic’, take extra care to treat pregnant ladies. There are some changes that occur in the oral health during pregnancy. One of these changes is ‘pregnancy gingivitis’. It occurs as a result of increase in the hormone levels in the body of the to

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