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From No Teeth to Fixed Permanent Teeth with Implants in 2 Days

  I have a patient, lets call him Mr X, who has been visiting us for many years. He is 81 years old, but in spirit and attitude he is much younger.  He has been happy with our services and especially likes the relaxed atmosphere in our dental clinic (in Delhi) where our patients are

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Recurrent Mouth Ulcers/ Apthous Ulcers

Have you ever suffered from that annoying painful ulcer/ ulcers in your mouth? These painful, round or oval ulcers which appear on the inner surface of the cheeks, on lips, base of gums, roof of the mouth and lips are called apthous ulcers . They are yellow, red or grey in colour. Dentists in delhi

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Bruxism (Teeth Grinding)

Bruxism is the grinding/ clenching of teeth which an adult or child may experience throughout their lifetime. Some people grind their teeth at night, involuntarily. This is called sleep related bruxism or nocturnal bruxism. Others grind their teeth in the day, usually when they face stressful situations which makes them anxious. They may not be

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