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Are you irritated by your husband’s snoring problem? Is his habit to snore ruining your daily night’s rest? If the answer to these questions is yes, you need to get yourself an appointment for Smile Delhi-The Dental Clinic today! Yes! Our expert dentists have the perfect solution to put an end to this problem. With minor adjustments, our dentist can get rid of the problem even before it advances. This means that you don’t have to ruin your nights. You can enjoy a perfectly peaceful sleep in the arms of the person that you love without waking up to the nasty sounds of snoring.


What causes the problem?

Scientifically, snoring is caused when the body is stressed. However, stress is not the only factor. Sometimes, even when you are perfectly stress-free, the snoring happens. This is because, the head is elevated or in a position that is restricting the flow of air in the passage. Due to this blockage, person experiences difficultly to breathe and tends to open his mouth bigger. As soon as the mouth becomes bigger, the snoring starts.


Is the problem gender biased?

The common assumption is that only men snore. However, there are several examples that prove this is a misconception. Even women have a tendency to snore. The only initiator to this problem is that the individual’s airway is blocked. Both men and women can treat this problem through our highly advanced snore guard option. In fact, it is a clinically proven solution to the issue. In simple terms, men and women are equally prone to experiencing the problem.


What is the treatment?

The snore guard is a simple treatment where the doctors rework the alignment of the jaw to stop the person from snoring. The changed alignment means the airway passage is clear and so the person’s chances of snoring as good as negligible.


Why should you opt for snore guard treatment?

Snoring at night can be embarrassing. Apart from irritating your spouse it creates a bad impression about your personality as well. Such people find it difficult to travel in groups or enjoy sleepovers, vacations with friends as they live under the constant fear of their problem being discovered. People can even make fun of you because of this habit. Therefore, our dentists help you avoid this embarrassment and cure the problem within. All you need to do is get an appointment today and ask for our snore guard treatment.


Why choose us?

Smile Delhi-The Dental Clinic is the most reputed hospital in Delhi specializing in treating a variety of dental problems. Our treatment is implemented by best doctors who are equipped with best in class facilities. This ensures the quality of treatment is always high and also guarantees the welfare of the patient. Also, the treatment is affordable. You don’t end up paying through your nose just because you have a problem. Additionally, patients get round the clock support at our dental clinic. From holistic care to medicines and attention by the best doctors, everything is available under one roof.