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Imagine a situation when you have been invited to a prestigious event like a family gathering or wedding and just when you flash your smile, the thought of your gums being visible makes you hesitate. What follows is an embarrassing situation that you would want to erase from your memory, isn’t it? Nobody likes gummy smiles. At Smile Delhi-The Dental Clinic, we offer an extensive variety of treatment for gummy smiles ensuring that people don’t have to battle embarrassing situations. The entire treatment is performed under expert supervision of gum specialists/periodontists ensuring that your gummy smile is treated without leaving any disastrous side effects. Also, the implants, crowns, etc. used to repair the smile are all of best quality.


What are the treatment options?

If you are struggling to get rid of a gummy smile, there are usually two treatment options. For those who don’t know, you can hide the gums or you make the teeth look longer to cover a bigger part of the gums. Contouring of gums is one of the most widely recommended treatments in such cases when it comes to repairing the smile. However, before prescribing the treatment method, doctors will do a detailed study of the dental structure and identify the cause of the problem. Yes! Very often the irregularity in the structure of your gums is a result of a genetic disorder. Identification of the problem will be possible only after the doctor will do a series of tests. In case, the problem is genetic, the doctor will prescribe medicines. In some cases, doctors also prescribe a combination treatment where the contouring of gums is coupled with fixing of veneers as well in order to have the required impact on the dental structure.


Is it painful?

No gum treatment is not painful.  At a reputed place like Smile Delhi-The Dental Clinic, the dentists take all the required precautions to minimise the risk of patient experiencing any pain or discomfort during the treatment. At Smile Delhi-The Dental Clinic, both the treatment modalities are followed. The first method is the conventional approach of using a scalpel. The second approach is using the laser. Since the treatment is done under local anaesthesia, there is no pain. For the post operative healing medicines are prescribed.)


Post treatment precautions

The healing of gums takes a few days , a week on the outside.The patient is not supposed to eat anything hard or hot for that period of time. However, you don’t have to spare days recovering in one room just because of the treatment. Soon, after the treatment, you will be free to resume most of your daily routine. The doctors will help you understand the precautions that need to be taken for the next few days. Also, our doctors are most likely to prescribe routine follow-ups in order to keep a check on your progress. This also helps them give you the required instructions on simple tips that you can follow in order increase the pace of recovery.