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Root canal treatments (Single/Multiple sittings)

At Dental Clinic Delhi, we specialize in treating several types of teeth disorders that tend to affect the overall health of your oral cavity. With our team of experts and the use of latest technology, we impart treatment procedures that eliminate the root cause of the problem in a pain-free manner. Catering to an extensive category of patients, we consider it our foremost duty to optimize the comfort levels for them even when they come in for complex therapies like root canal treatment. With the advanced treatment techniques and materials we can do 90 percent of the cases in one sitting.


What is root canal treatment?


Also known as endodontic therapy, root canal treatment is a procedure where the pulp/nerve of a tooth is cleaned from within in order to eliminate the infection. The procedure also involves steps that ensure the protection of the decontaminated tooth from any probable future bacterial invasion. From the description, a lot of people assume root canal treatment to be a very painful procedure. However, this is a misconception. Though there is a certain amount of discomfort involved, we, at Dental Clinic Delhi take all the necessary precaution to prevent the intensity of the pain from growing.


When do you need root canal treatment?


Most of us don’t realize the pivotal role that oral hygiene plays in order to maintain our overall well-being. The result is forgetting to clean the teeth after we eat and what stays behind causes a lot of damage. Yes! Leftovers from your meal pose a major threat to you’re the strength as well as structure of your teeth. As the remains begin to rot, which means the bacteria reacting with the food remnants produce acid they also damage the teeth. Sometimes the damage penetrates deep into the nerve. When the damage caused is superficial, doctors will simply clean the cavity and seal it. But, if things have gone deeper, they are most likely recommend root canal therapy.


Some Symptoms you can watch out for!


Tooth problems don’t develop over a period of one night. In fact, the development is gradual and those who are alert can also spot out the symptoms before the problem escalates to the next level. For example, people experience frequent pain in their teeth especially when they apply pressure to chew something hard, need to visit a dentist soon. These are signs that your teeth need help and an infection is growing. Another common symptom is the occurrence of a pimple on the gums close to the infected tooth. This pimple may or may not be painful but it will surely keep occurring frequently.


How much time will the treatment take?


The duration of root canal treatment depends entirely on the extent to which the infection has spread. Usually, our doctors examine the condition of the teeth and accordingly prescribe the number of sittings required to cure the problem. Sometimes even one sitting is sufficient to do the job.


Is it painful?


There was a time when root canal treatments were extremely painful forcing the patient to suffer for several days even after the session was over. But, now with the use of latest tools and techniques, the pain involved is quite tolerable. In fact, it is as easy as getting a cavity filled.



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