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Teeth In An Hour By Nobel Guide



‘ Teeth in an hour ‘, is a revolutionary concept for providing teeth to completely toothless patients.  In one appointment these patients go from having no teeth to  afull set of functional teeth on dental implants. Since these are fixed teeth,  this is a popular treatment modality with patients as they can  get can get rid of the thought of wearing dentures, which is not welcomed by anyone. We all know, the biting capacity, look and feel of fixed teeth are any day better than removable dentures.


The ‘Nobel Biocare ‘ company has created this technology.


In this technique, most of the work is done in the planning stage ,which is computer enabled, hence the surgery takes only an hour.


The first step is to do a CT Scan of the jaws. With the  progress in 3D Imaging Science,  we now have CBCT (Cone beam computed tomography) which has amazing accuracy, way above the traditional Cat Scan(CT) standards. With  CBCT, one can precisely locate and assess the areas of the healthiest jaw bones. A quantitative and qualitative assessment of the bone is done. Evaluation of the other anatomical landmarks like the maxillary sinus, inferior alveolar nerve etc  can be done accurately . This is very important for assuring the long term implant health. Any kind of guessing is eliminated by this method.


With this information, the data is provided for making a customized  surgical guide/stent. This surgical guide which is made in two weeks  is precise. So the best possible sites for implant placement are located. This  customized stent, provides guidance of the implant position, depth and angulation during the surgical procedure.


The computer guided implant surgery is done in without raising a flap. So the advantage is a conservative surgery  which involves less chair time, healing is fast with less postoperative discomfort, less swelling and less bruising. The jaw bone integrity is maintained  through the implants  which simulate the roots of the teeth. This is a strong constant  toresorption of the jaw bones under dentures. The patient  can go back to work the next day.