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All Ceramic Metal Free Crowns Viz Procera Amongst Others

All ceramic crowns like the ones from Procera are excellent in aesthetics and give a life like appearance. They have proven to sustain excellent strength too. They are precise in their fit as they are made by the cad cam technology i.e. computer aided designed and manufactured. They are of two types:

  • The all ceramic zirconia crowns which are advised for the back teeth, as their strength is considered to be great for chewing.
  • The alumins based all ceramic crowns usually come by the name Ipsemax. They are excellent in aesthetics and advised for the front teeth. Their strength is relatively less as compared to the zirconia crowns. The Ipsemax material is also used for ceramic veneers which are used for complete “Smile Makeovers”.These are usually used when the teeth are stained, fractured or have gaps.