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Crowns And Bridges

Teeth are usually made of calcium and are quite hard since they are supposed to help you chew your food. But, even your teeth have to withstand a lot of wear and tear. The food you eat, drinks that you consume and all the other things that you do involving the oral cavity tend to damage your teeth. Sometimes, in the worst case scenario, certain types of mishaps also lead to chipping or complete damaging of teeth. This damages your smile and ruins your confidence in a big way. At Smile Delhi-The Dental Clinic, our team of prosthodontics experts help you avoid such disasters from ruining your confidence. Using the latest tools and techniques, our experts provide the best possible care to restore your charming smile as much as possible.


Our doctors use a variety of crowns and bridges to cover the damaged area and increase the aesthetic appeal of your smile. Right from fitting the crown to making the adjustments and helping you get used to the implant, we provide a holistic treatment approach that facilitates our patients as well.


Ideally, we use dental crowns and bridges in the following cases;


Root canal treated tooth: Such types of dental cavities can’t be exposed to the regular eating without proper protection. Covering them with a porcelain cap is mandatory. Since the nerve and blood supply is removed, the teeth become brittle after root canal treatment. The crown or cap is mandatory as it reinforces these brittle teeth and prevents them from fracturing. The crown or cap used in this case is very much similar to your actual teeth. In addition to covering the treated area, it also safeguards the teeth against the risk of further damage.


Cavity: We all have a craving for delicious sweets, don’t we? But, what most of us never realise is, that eating too many sweets and not cleaning your teeth properly are the two bad habits that can single handily cause major cavity problems. Curing cavities is easy and shouldn’t be very painful as well. However, if the damage is more, you many need to remove a part of the infected tooth and replace it with a dental crown to cover the gap. This is because if the cavity is too big , the compromise on the natural tooth structure is more. In such cases the retention of the tooth to hold the filling is compromised. So a cap becomes mandatory


Chipped teeth: Imagine a situation where the two teeth in the front row have been damaged due to a cycling accident. Now, since the teeth are chipped, you can’t charm the world with your million dollar smile, can you? But, with Smile Delhi-The Dental Clinic’s options of using artificial implants, crowns, bridges, etc. this problem can be efficiently addressed. Yes! The chipped or damage teeth will be covered and your smile will once again be brilliant.


Missing teeth: Ignoring missing teeth can affect your chewing efficiency but a lot of us choose to ignore this part. We, at Smile Delhi-The Dental Clinic, offer a reliable solution to this problem by replacing your missing teeth with dental bridges that take support from the adjacent teeth. This keeps your chewing efficiency intact and also makes your smile look pretty. Additionally, the support prevents the teeth from dislocating in the long run. Amazing, isn’t it?