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A- Fluorides

Fluoride helps prevent tooth decay by making the tooth more resistant to acid attacks.

Fluoride is a mineral that occurs abundantly in a great variety of food and the water that we consume daily. Every day, minerals are added to and…

B- Sealants

One of the methods of preventing cavities from developing in the pits and fissures is to seal them with a special varnish called a pit and fissure sealant.

The top surfaces of your teeth – where the chewing takes place –…

C- Restoration Specific For Kids

Primary teeth are vital to ensure that the permanent teeth are able to grow properly, therefore it is vital that they are in good stead.

Q. Why should milk teeth be restored?

A. Dental restoration is the procedure by which decayed or…

D- Habit Breakers

These are appliances that are made by a dentist to combat untoward habits in children. These habits are thumb sucking, finger biting, nail biting, lip biting, mouth breathing, tongue thrusting etc.. These appliances can either be a fixed or removable…

E- Preventive And Corrective Orthodontics

Common treatments that are included in preventive and corrective orthodontics are:

Placing restorations to prevent premature loss of teeth.
Placing space maintainers to hold space for a missing tooth.
Recognising any deviation from the normal.
Observing growth pattern of the teeth and bones.
Correcting bad…