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Gums are the support structures, that keeps your teeth together. Your teeth are like a building; the gums and underlying bone are the foundation of the building called teeth. Though, the doctors at Smile Delhi-The Dental Clinic will always advice you to take necessary precautions and avoid problems in the gums, sometimes the problem just occurs and you need treatment. This is because gum problems progress silently, without pain. In such cases, our clinic also specializes in providing a variety of world class dental treatments that treat gum related disorders. These treatments are classified under the category of Periodontics.


The Treatment Offered At Smile Delhi- The Dental Clinic


At Smile Delhi-The Dental Clinic, we currently possess the specialization and ability to solve several types of dental problems. However, we would strongly recommend patients to get their teeth regularly examined in order to detect the problem as soon as possible. Reversal of Gum Problems is possible only if the problem is detected at an early stage. Here is a brief preview of some of the procedures performed at Smile Dental Clinic:


  • Scaling of teeth: Supragingival / Subgingival-This is the first stage of removal of dental plaque i.e. the soft slimy layer of food debris and bacteria. This is usually less painful and a necessary pre requisite before making the teeth undergo any other advanced treatment.
  • Curettage: A specially designed process where dentists remove the soft tissue lining of the periodontal tissues. This process is extremely useful as it helps in cleaning the teeth from within.
  • Root Planing: Meticulous cleaning of the surface of the root usually done in case of bacterial infections.
  • Gingivectomy: This is a process of removing the infected gum tissue in order to prevent the teeth from being damaged further.
  • Flap Surgery: When the gum disease progresses to advanced stage and the regular planing option doesn’t work, the doctors will opt for this surgery in order to repair the gums.
  • Mucogingival Surgery: This is a process performed to preserve attached gingiva, to remove frena or muscle attachment in order to prevent the teeth from getting more mobile and falling.
  • Bone / Osseous Surgery: When dental damage is extensive, doctors opt for this surgery in order to repair your jaw.


However in the advanced stages, salvaging/saving mobile natural teeth is not possible so make sure you are not ignoring the problem and seeking medical assistance wherever required.


How does Gum Disease occur?


Before you can understand how our treatment can help you, it is important to understand what causes gum disease. Gum diseases are one of the worst problems to have in the oral cavity.


Reasons that for gum disease:


Leaving your gums untreated. If you have a problem, get it cured. In simple terms, this means that ignoring the onset of gum disease is as good as increasing the risk of a deadly heart attack with your own hands.


Infected Gums: When the gums get infected, the bacteria that is developed has direct access to the blood stream. Once you leave them untreated, this bacteria multiplies really fast and soon enters the blood stream. Gradually, it progresses to the heart as well and causes extensive damage.


Food getting stuck: When you eat food, some amount of it always stays back in the oral cavity. This could be the tiny amount stuck in between teeth, something on the tongue, etc. This food begins to rotten over a period of time to form plaque that is soft and slippery gradually causing gum diseases.


Symptoms to watch out for!


Like all dental problems, gum diseases don’t start overnight. Their progress is slow and gradual and can be spotted through the onset of several symptoms. As a patient, keep your eyes open for any of these symptoms and approach one of our expert doctors when you face the problem.

  • Food getting stuck in your teeth
  • Bleeding gums
  • Pain in the gums
  • Extra sensitivity when you eat hot or cold food items