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Steel/metal braces

For those who can’t afford the expensive orthodontic treatment, the metal braces come across as an excellent alternative. As the name suggests, these braces are made of steel. The treatment involves fitting the braces onto your teeth and establishing the required pull, to get them into alignment. In the olden days when medical science was not so advanced, these braces were bigger and the painful part was to have them wrapped around your teeth all the while, in the form of bands. People found it very difficult to talk, eat and do the other jobs that involve the oral cavity. But the new steel braces are more compact allowing you to treat the problem without disturbing your routine.


Additionally, when you opt for treatment at Smile Delhi-The Dental Clinic, you are assured of the best, in world class services that will help in reducing the pain and making it a better experience. From best doctors to adequate facilities, we provide the patients with the required comfort enabling them to go through their treatment peacefully.


What are the advantages?

Like all orthodontic treatments, opting for steel braces enables you to set the alignment of your teeth in proper order. Unlike the olden days, these braces are no longer huge and painful. Instead their small size makes it easier for your mouth to get used to them. There are chances that your oral cavity may be injured in the initial phase when you have worn the braces. But, gradually the gums toughen up through regular exposure and get used to the braces.


Additionally, the biggest advantage of opting for steel braces is that it takes half the time to show results. Yes! With the help of the expert dentists at Smile Delhi- The Dental Clinic, you can get that flawless smile within a relatively lesser time. In simple terms, the treatment does pay off giving you beautifully aligned teeth on completion.


Method of treatment

When you approach the doctors at Smile Delhi-The Dental clinic, for any type of Orthodontic treatment, the doctors will first examine your teeth. Based on the existing dental structure, the doctor will recommend the best possible treatment.


The fitting part is not painful and our doctors take all care and use the latest techniques to reduce the pain for you as well. The treatment requires you, to visit the doctor in multiple sittings in order to experience the complete effectiveness. However, throughout the treatment period, our dentists provide you with all the required support making it easier for you to sail through.


A durable treatment option!

At Smile Delhi-The Dental clinic, we believe that steel braces are far more durable. They will not be damaged easily, irrespective of the food that you eat. Also, the chances of staining are lesser when you are using the steel braces. You may have to take a few precautions when you are using these braces, our doctors will guide you through the same.