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Ceramic Braces

A lot of people avoid getting dental braces assuming that it is painful. What’s worse is that people have this gross picture about people with braces, which shows their smile to be like that of a robot’s. However, all these are just misconceptions and this will be proven when you visit Smile Delhi-The Dental Clinic. With our world class facilities, you can avail the best of orthodontic treatment under one roof. From analysing your dental (teeth and jaw) structure to fitting the braces as well as the post treatment care is provided at one place making it easy for the patient.


What are ceramic braces?

In simple terms, these are braces made of ceramic. The treatment is same even when you opt for ceramic braces. It all starts with the dentist studying your dental structure and identifying the amount of repair needed. Based on this study, the next task of the dentist is to make space for your teeth to be pulled back. After all, they are not going to get into alignment if there is no space. Once the space is made, the dentist will fit the ceramic braces and pull your teeth back.


The treatment takes time!

Your teeth are in a specific alignment for several years and when you try to alter this alignment, don’t expect to see results instantly. It will take time and you have to be patient. Also, the entire treatment is not accomplished in one sitting. You will be required to visit the dentist once a month in order to experience the effectiveness.


What are the advantages?

Ceramic braces look just like your teeth so when you are wearing them, nobody will be able to tell the difference. You don’t have to be embarrassed because no one will be able to spot it out. This is not the only benefit. Wearing ceramic braces ensures that the risk of damage to your oral cavity is minimal. Everything that you want to do including eating your favourite foods, talking, etc. can be done comfortably. Once you bond these braces with an ultra violet light, it will remain in place and let you enjoy your routine.


Is it effective?

For those who understand the logic behind the use of braces, doubting their effectiveness is out of question. Indeed the treatment is effective. It works and at the end of the treatment, your teeth are sure to have a better alignment. Your radiant smile will look even more beautiful. Also, the treatment is relatively pain-free and ensures that you don’t have to interrupt your daily routine for the same.


How expensive is it?

Opting for ceramic braces as an orthodontic treatment is surely expensive as compared to the other options available in this category. But, at Smile Delhi-The Dental Clinic, we ensure that these services remain strictly affordable. You get world class treatment at a fairly reasonable rate -this is the philosophy that we follow to provide patients with better care when it comes to their dental health.


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