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Braces are recommended to align teeth in a uniform manner. Both steel and ceramic braces are available. They are useful to correct the following problems:

* Close gaps.
* Align twisted/overlapping teeth in a straight manner.
* Push back buck/protruding teeth.

Following types of braces are available:

I.)   Metallic.
II.)  Ceramic i.e. matching with the teeth, thus making the treatment esthetic.
III.) Lingual / Palatal-on the inside / underside of the teeth- This is REVOLUTIONARY with no social embarrasment whatsoever. The STB brackets used with the lingual braces are the best available worldwide as they are real small in size and thus

a. Do not interfere with speech.
b. Do not interfere with eating.
c. Do not hurt the soft tissues.

IV. Self Ligating – the self ligating brackets have the following advantages:

a. More hygenic as no rubbers are used .
b. Less friction.
c. Less pressure.
d. Less pain.

Treatment is shorter and patients need fewer appointments Mini Implants for anchorage are used in orthodontic treatment where a lot of retraction of the prortruding teeth is required. The advantage is the displacement of the back teeth/molars is prevented and maximum use of orthodontic spaces.




Orthodontic Treatments start as early as nine to ten years. Routinely done in the early teenage (13 to 14 years), orthodontic treatments are known to bring significant improvements to a person’s habits as well as appearance. Orthodontic treatments in adulthood are also quite popular as well as successful. The criterion for adult orthodontic treatment is good bone support and not really the chronological age of the person.


Orthodontic appliances have proved successful in treating some common habits like:

* Thumb sucking.
* Nail biting.
* Tongue thrusting.
* These appliances can be removable or fixed.