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If a small amount of food debris is left in your teeth, (usually happens when one misses night brushing/is careless with it) the bacteria which are present in the mouth react with the food. As a result, acid is produced. This acid starts dissolving out the tooth leading to decay/cavity/ caries or a hole in the tooth.

IT IS BEST TO GET THE TOOTH CHECKED AT THIS STAGE, as unfortunately once a cavity starts it does not stop, even if you brush your teeth regularly twice a day. It keeps getting deeper till it reaches the second layer ie dentine and finally the third layer ie nerve/ pulp leading to a root canal.

A visit to the dentist once the cavity starts, is sorted by a filling which takes a short time. This could be a silver or a white tooth coloured material known as cosmetic or composite filling.

We at Smile Delhi, use a tooth coloured composite material from USA /Germany/ Switzerland.

  • The composites are preferred over silver as they are matching with the tooth.
  • Are mercury free.
  • Amount of tooth we have to grind is much less(than silver) as this material bonds chemically to the tooth. In silver the amount of tooth structure we have to grind is much more as it sets mechanically so we have to create a retention form in the tooth, this means grinding off more tooth structure.

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