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Dental care in India has come a long way. The dental care services, which are being provided in India, especially in the metropolitans like the dental clinics in Delhi, are of global standards. Patients from across the world are coming for dental care services to India.


In a reputed dental clinic, like “Smile Delhi-The Dental Clinic“, the dental care services are world class. This is because highly sophisticated and latest equipment is being used. The dental materials being used are either European or American as fortunately or unfortunately India is not manufacturing any dental materials.


The expertise being used can be vouched for. This is because the Dr Suprriya B Bhatia and her dynamic team of seven consulting specialist dentists keep themselves updated with the latest in their respective fields of dentistry. They do so by continually attending conferences, education programmes, courses and seminars.


The qualities of the head of an organisation are bound to percolate to the team thus the vision, of Dr Suprriya to make Smile Delhi one of the best dental clinics in India is understood by her team. Dr Suprriya B Bhatia, BDS, MRSH(UK), MFDI(UK), graduated from SDM College of Dental Sciences in 1994. With over 16 years of experience behind her,she is one of the best dentists in Delhi and well reputed. Her award winning multi specialty dental clinic has attracted patients from across the globe for the various dental care services.


The dental care services here match any clinic’s in the west. Comprehensive dental care from the most basic procedures  to the advanced ones like, full mouth rehabilitation with dental implants and crowns, smile makeovers with ceramic veneers and crowns, lingual braces and invisallign, kids dentistry, one sitting root canal treatments, gum procedures like curettage and flap surgeries, cosmetic procedures like teeth whitening, gum depigmentation, restorative treatments etc are offered here.


Earlier hygiene and sterilisation was suspect when the terms, “dental care India”, or “dental care Delhi” were mentioned. At, “Smile Delhi-The Dental Clinic”, special care is taken to maintain hygiene and cleanliness. Stringent sterilization protocol and procedures are followed to ensure complete confidence to the patients in the dental care services being provided here.


  • A strict appointment schedule is followed here.
  • A private elevator facility is available.


It is because of the above reasons that Smile Delhi-The Dental Clinic, is one of the leading dental clinics of Delhi. It has become a hub for anyone looking for dental care services in Delhi or India.


Last but not the least, the personalized care which is offered to patients visiting Smile Delhi-The Dental Clinic, makes a patient have a comfortable and memorable experience during their visit. They feel looked after and cared for in addition to the satisfactory dental services. This contributes in optimising the quality of dental care. No wonder Smile Delhi has glowing testimonials from patients from across the world and thus an increasing base of patients from India and abroad.


The  dental care services which are offered by the competent dentists at, Smile Delhi-The Dental Clinic, here have made the terms, “dental care Delhi” or “dental care India” synonymous with quality, personalized care and stringent sterilisation.


The added advantage of the Asian currency for patients from the west, which makes the treatment cost effective, almost a fraction of the cost in their own country, cannot be ignored.