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Single Sitting Root Canal Treatments

  Single sitting Root Canal Treatment, is becoming a popular procedure in the, dental clinics in India, especially in the dental clinics in Delhi. With the revolutionary changes in treatment concepts and development in technology, dentists in Delhi, are routinely doing this procedure.   Statistics have shown that the single sitting root canal treatments, cause

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Dental Implants-Part 2

  TYPES OF DENTAL IMPLANTS   Dental implants are typically made of titanium. It is evidence based and proven, that these are a safe and effective method of tooth replacement.It is effective, as it fuses with the jaw bone and integrates with it. Thus it forms a strong and sturdy base for the replacement teeth.

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Dental Implants-Part 1

  Dental implants in India, are becoming a popular procedure, with the dental clinics here. Among the various cities, Dental implants in Delhi, are much sought after, as Delhi has become a hub for dental tourists. We at ‘Smile Delhi-The Dental Clinic’ have been fortunate to get dental tourists and patients from across the globe

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