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Vision Mission Statement


To Serve Humanity by Providing the Best of the Dental Care.


Smile Delhi-The Dental Clinic, will be the most preferred dental practice in the region. We will provide the best dental care, through personalised care and ethical service, and by maintaining the highest standards of expertise, equipment and sterilisation.


We operate from the following Points of Culture:


I, Dr Suprriya B Bhatia, as the head of Smile Delhi – The Dental Clinic, am committed to serving and treating our patients with integrity. I ensure that we fulfil all the promises we make in a professional and friendly manner.


Continuous Learning

My team and I proactively upgrade our skills, by regularly attending conferences and courses. This enables us to incorporate the latest techniques and equipment, which consistently raises our bar.



Being passionate about our work, we innovate constantly, to optimise the quality of the treatment.


Relaxed Environment

We enjoy our work and share a spirit of camaraderie and open communication. We acknowledge and respect each other. This makes our work environment interesting and relaxing not just for us but for our patients as well.


Exceptional Service

At Smile Delhi – The Dental Clinic, we are committed to providing exceptional service to our patients, right from the moment they enter the clinic till their procedures are done with. We strive to make their experience as comfortable and homely as possible.



We express our heartfelt gratitude to our patients. They not only visit us repeatedly, but also refer us to others. Our patients bear testimony to the fact, that it’s not just skilful, professional work but warm and compassionate care in a hygienic environment, which gives them a world class experience.